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I'll tell you What.

Like, I'm sorry, if I offend people
With the way I am.

Do You know why you are the way you are?
Are you happy with Yourself?

I love myself.
I love myself so much I could cry.

I don't know why other people give me so much trouble.
So much trouble.

Oh yeah, it's mostly in my mind.
None of it, or most of it,
90% of it
Like man, it can't exactly all be all real, right?

It's in interacting.

Getting together and touching base.
Getting down and sayin' Hi!
Hi there, man.
Hello, out there!

Won't anybody tell me,

Whoever you are:
Hello, there.

I'll tell you What.

you one
you all
you want a hello
from out there
from whom
from where

a loud one
a low one

just one!

here it is

is it loud enaugh
is it low enough
is it gentle enaugh
is it hugging enaugh

it is love laugh

Really darlink.

You thought you'd send me a missive.
You thought I needed to hear from you.
You thought I was lonely, without a friend in the world.

You wondered if I'm the arrogent type.
You wanted to know How aggressive I could get.

I'd like to know you.
We have time.
I'm here.
We can have a Time.
Prove to me it's Real.
I'm afraid it's not.
False Evidence Appearing REAL.

Will you give me a chance?
You might be right about me.
No Lie!
How wrong can I be about you?
Not a chance, I'd ever get Naughty, about YOU.
No. You know?

I'll tell you What.

hi you
naughty, about me?
oh - yes me
oh - yes you

no missive - you arrogant one?
just laugh a smile!!!

the runs to show the unknown words
and it runs and runs and runs
there is the time in
THIS is the flow?

we are here flowing
we are there flowing
we are everywhere flowing

wrong about me?
wrong about you?
no lie
just here
just there
just everywhere

right about you?
right about me?

deep in the night
visitors around
smelling coffee
drinking coffee


the f is gone
the fear cut off
what is fear?

there is joy
here is joy

and with the f
there is fun
here is fun

take it easy
take the f

deep in the night
visitors around
drinking coffee

waiting for the right words

where are my glasses?

I'm feeling devilish.

There's this demon.
He/she/it, I don't know, wants me.

His Father took me soul, long, long time ago.
Actually, I gave it up.

You are bringing out the best in me.
I'm feeling beasty.


That damn Yankee.
Those wild Indians.

This is the stuff which sank My cousin:
She said on the inbreath.

Were you there?
I can't picture you.

As you were; Veronika.
I'm tame.
I'm tame.

I fear for the dirty dozen.
The footsolders,
who may yet step on glass,
in bare feet.

Oh yeah.
I believe.

I think I know.

We knew each other,
long, long
time ago.

When we changed places,
you there,
me here.

What did we do?
Back then?

Don't we have things to do?
Better things than this?

Funny, but it seems.
Do, Re, Me,

Ah Ha.


What a world it would be if everyone spoke with the honesty and beauty that you two do!

God bless you, and thanks.

Love, Gloria