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The Decorating Shows!

The decorating shows are always healthy. There is no violence -- unless you call tearing up tile violence!

Everyone is good to one another. They have a good time.

I have never seen any arguments. Everyone knows how to say things.

The other day there was a designer who was going to paint one wall of the woman's living-room orange. The lady expressed her doubt that it might be too much, too overpowering. The designer didn't say: "Look, I'm the designer, and I know what I'm doing."

He handled her doubt saying something like:

"We wouldn't do it on this other wall. It would be too powerful there. But this wall is also going to have bookcases. Furthermore, we are going to carry the orange down this hallway that comes off the orange wall, and it will take everyone's eyes down the hall, making the hall magnficent!"

When he finished speaking, the lady was HAPPY!

Yes, those designers know how to handle disagreements.

Am I the only one who loves the decorating shows?

With love and blessings,


The Decorating Shows!

hi to our tv-star, herself, Gloria

do you like to dress your home, too?

mostly a question of the so beloved "time" - even if we take this time for excuse very often

I do not have a tv - :wink:

since more than three years

first the tv was only "decoration" as I called it :wink:
now my boys broke it!!!

I prefer reading - making my own television with
or "meditating" while
ironing :lol:
stiching :lol:
knitting :lol:
writing on the heavenletters board!!!!!! :lol:

love to you and blessings :wink: :lol:


Dearest VeroniKA,

It is more peaceful without a TV. And you get more things done. I went many years without one.

I do love a good movie, the adoption stories, and the decorating shows. Sometimes the cooking shows as well.

I am always changing my rooms. Not decorating really, just rearranging. And I am always trying to declutter. Right now I am taking out four file cabinets from my office. I just want space and not so many things in the way. This also means I have to make decisions as to what to keep and what to give away and what to do with all the papers.

I like feng shui.

And I like you!

With love and blessings,


The Decorating Shows!

Dear Gloria - good morning

seems to be the time for "papers"
seems to be the time for "sorting out" - whatever!

I store them in a cellar-room
nevertheless after week I have to bring the next batch downstairs

and who is it who does this? - may be I just have to look into the mirror!!!!

so I like fengshui, too - especially the cleaning up - and then if there is place there is more space and lots of "quality"!