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HEAVEN #2295 Great Promise March 8, 2007

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HEAVEN #2295 Great Promise March 8, 2007

God said:

Know, once and for all, you don’t need anguish. Anguish churns your stomach. Is there some reason why you think you need it?

You may feel that life isn’t going right. What’s done is done. Can you go along with it, even a little bit, especially when there is no choice? Anguish is a protest, beloveds. It is resistance to that which has already happened or you fear may happen. Here we go again. Let go of the negative. Let go.

If you cannot seem to do it for your sake, then do it for Mine. Send Me a higher vibration. Now it is time for you to leave anguish and varied suffering behind. For My sake, I ask you to not suffer so that I may see you happy. That is what I would like, as all parents would like, and what you would like for yourself.

This is life before you. It is a great gift I gave you. You do not have to be grateful for that which you are not grateful, but for life itself, you can always be grateful. Think of what life means to you and what you have been given. Life is a privilege, beloveds. And your life is a privilege. I gave you the gift of life, and I gave you to life as a gift. I rewarded life with you. Will you not be friends with each other?

You and life may seem imperfect to each other. I, on the other hand, well know your perfection. You and life, with or without all your foibles, are magnificent. There never was another you, and there never was a life like yours.

Beloveds, your life holds great promise. Great promise is not only for the young.

Right now, make a promise to yourself that you will no longer yield to anguish. Whatever you think caused it, it is your own acceptance that caused it. Cause it no longer. Think better of yourself. Do not mistreat yourself any longer with anguish, not even the slightest bit.

When you have chewed off more than you can chew, then spit it out. You are not a cow who chews on a cud of anguish. Cows are contented anyway. Beloveds, chew only the thoughts that you can digest. Graze in life but not on what you see as misfortune.

Know this, once and for all, your life is a blessing. Now, bless your life. Bless yourself. Bless this that is your experience in a world of glory. Let your life reflect the sunshine. Let your life reflect Me.

Never do I get depressed. Never do I have too much to do. Never do I, even for a moment, think I have too much to bear. Never do I feel disappointed. Never do I feel I was mistaken. Never do I weep for the past nor tremble for the future. Always I know that We, you and I, are on a Great Adventure. Always do I know that We are writing a Great Story together. It is a story of courage and bravery and kindness and good will and appreciation for the energy of life and all of Creation. Now you become a Great Appreciator. Become the Greatest Appreciator of All.

What were Buddha and Christ and all the Great Ones, but Great Appreciators?

Thank Me for your life, beloveds. Never disdain it again. Do not fault it. Live it. Live it as the gift it is I gave to you.

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HEAVEN #2295 Great Promise March 8, 2007

That's really all, all we are here for, I think:

"Let your life reflect Me"

Wonderful this love letter, like a soft spring flower you see after a long

Loka Samastha Sukhino Bhavantu
May all the beings in all the words be happy and in peace