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Algunos Pensamientos

Love is changeless
If our love for someone or something grows or diminishes
Let's question its source
Peace is forever whole
If our peace is determined by words or actions
Let's "return" to our Source

Love demands nothing
As we allow for truly Being in Love
We cease the need for control
No longer feeling controlled

I am in love with you
And since you are all
I am one with creation
Your are in love with me
And since I Am
You Are
Isness itself

Freedom, for me, never ceases to amaze and delight
For as we judge laterally
Vertically, we are judged not
As we fear
Life fly's unconfined to one spot
And what envelopes me even further still
Is that as we are still
We realize
We are one with this love
That we Are
This life
This truth
This Flight
Unconfined to one spot

To blame someone for our pain, our fear, our experience
Is to shun the gift of an invited guest

Seen together
Religions come from the same source
Seen separately
They lead to that source
Yet, would we rather have heaven now or later?
And which is easier and more true?

Each moment is our "work"
As we are present
We do it well