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Diane and Molly

Dear all,
I did read the italian translation of Diane and Molly, now reached till part IV. Many many thanks to Paola for all her
wonderful translations!
The story of Molly and Diane seems to have entered my life like the flash of a lightning. Ingenuously I thought/hoped
that Molly would survive. These thoughts obvioulsy come from a mother heart who loves her sons dearly. I know that
Molly is now ok, I know.
I think that (perhaps) each person who shares this story, who comes in one way or other in contact with Diane and Molly
will be changed by it. We are touched by the absolut truth and the absolut divine love and which makes a contrast to
all that is so familiar and important in our earthly life.
Diane's realtionship with God is wonderful and God's compassion, understanding for our sufferings in this earthly life and His
infinite divine love are endless and beyond words.
I feel like a "practical" lesson is forced upon me, no more "but" and "if", this is what life and spiritual progress is about,
our lifes and our families are not at all in our hands and our sons, parents and all our beloved ones are here on this earth
for their own progress. As God told Diane: "Molly is here for another game/play". So, I feel I really should make a most sincere effort and begin each day and increase this awareness. So beautiful the signature of Paola and so truth: "Save in my arms you're only dreaming".

Molly and Me....

Dear Berit, I am so pleased that the HeavenLetters about Molly and me have touched your life. I am trying to find them on the website so I can re-read them. At the time of Molly's passing, my heart was so newly open to God, and the HeavenLetter format was pure Grace for me. I lifted my hand for guidance, and it was lovingly and firmly grasped and held. My experience around Molly's coming and going is pure Blessing. I am glad that it is being shared through HeavenLetters.....Love, Diane

Dearest Diane....

Dearest Diane,
many thanks for your reply! what a blessing to read your mail, how happy I am for your reply. When I did read your mail I had a flash vision, I saw a curtain opening and behind the curtain everything was gold, pure gold. there was a river and as everything was gold I felt the river more than see it. it was a huge huge river of pure gold. like being swept away in a divine river of pure love. that's what your words are dear Diane, divine love flows from them, God's touch can be felt through and hrough.
I send you all my love dear, may God hold you tight in His infinite Love each moment and shower allways all His divine Grace on you.
I embrace you dearly!