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A love story

Hi everyone,
My name is Tati and I am a shy person, so it is not easy for me to talk about myself. But maybe my story can help someone...
This is a love story, about falling in love with the creator within oneself and every creature around it.
I hope not to go too far away in details. 2 years ago I had a series of events that ended up putting me in bed for 4 months with severe back pain. During my time in bed I was scared about everything, to get a cup of water, to even going to the bathroom and mostly for the pain during the night. It was an everlasting waiting for a moment without pain. I am from Brazil and I live here in the US with my husband, so we couldn't have help from our families...they had as well some problems. So during the day I was alone.When alone I really tried to understand why that was happened. I didn't know then that was I flirting with love all that time...and I had company all the time...
I had my surgery in Brazil...I risk myself in a overnight flight to have a next day surgery so my mom could take care of me for a month. Back to the states, in the beginning of this year, I couldn't believe that the waiting was gone, my pain was gone! I was seeing with different eyes the world around me. I learned not to take for granted life itself, I get in awe every time that I see the sun, going around the earth giving us light and warmth, indeed we are lucky to be here.
But then was my time to take care of my the middle of this year we found out that she had cancer. I was her nurse for four months until last November she passed away.
I still struggle with the longing because she was a soul mate to me.
But during her illness and until today I understand everything as a blessing. I could be strong to help her because I understood pain. I feel strong now with her passing away because I feel life in her death. Life is love, is the One within us and is eternal. So she still lives because I love her and I feel her love within me.
I am hoping and learning to extend this love to every creature around me, because in the beginning and in the end is love that we are, one great love story of us and the creator.
Love and light to you,

A love story

Dear Tati,
your story profoundly touched my heart and made me burst into tears just for the beauty of your words and your soul:

I feel strong now with her passing away because I feel life in her death. Life is love, is the One within us and is eternal.

What else could there be to say. Through your suffering you've been greatly blessed and I thank you for blessing me with your story.