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Heaven News December 18, 2006

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The Lost Heaven News
European Tour
About Workshop from Romanian Publisher
A New CD?
Blessings and Love
The Lost Heaven News

New subscribers have been coming from all over the planet. I spend fifteen minutes or so compiling Heaven News every day. I add where new subscribers come from and the national flags and bless all the countries and states Heavenreaders come from. Every subscriber is so welcome, the brand new ones and those who have been subscribing from when Heavenletters first started circling the Earth. I can't even imagine Heavenletters without the beautiful blessing of the people who read them.

So I compile Heaven News as I go along. Then, when it is time for a new issue to go out, I just need to refine details, establish a sequence and such, send it to The Mojah Media Team who add the illustrations, does all the technical mysteries, and then sends Heaven News out to you.

Where are the flags now, you may ask. To my great dismay, I lost the whole New Heaven News folder. It was simply gone. Somehow or other along my travels, it inadvertently got deleted. I have looked everywhere, and it is gone, gone, gone. There is only one person's thumb that could have done this. All the DNA points to me!

I am so sorry. It was a beautiful issue.

As of today, I will start compiling the next Heaven News, and keep it safe.

To help with this, I wonder if there Is a subscriber who might like to keep track and add the flags and be a back-up so Heaven News is never lost again? Will you kindly let me know?

Let this be a lesson always keep a back-up!

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European Whirlwind of Love Tour

The big news is about the European Godwriting Institute and the beautiful fulfilled invitation from Panos Axiomakaros, Bolero Publishing, to come to Europe to give Godwriting workshops in Greece and Germany, and from Monica Visan, Editura for You, Heaven's publisher in Romania the same invitation for her beautiful country of Romania. The publishers, their families, staffs, and friends lavished me with great love and hospitality. I have been blessed.

(Can you feel it?) Think of it! 200 people who Godwrite in Greek, German, and Romanian languages. The power of language.

Panos partook of two workshops, and has offered to give Godwriting workshops in Europe once a month. Panos has great vision, the contacts, the means, experience, and great desire to spread Heavenletters and Godwriting everywhere. I believe he is chosen by God to do this. Panos often appears on television in Greece, promoting the spiritual aspects of life. He has a spiritual centre in Athens. He travels everywhere. He has incredible experience dealing with businesses, great credibility, and strong desire to bring Godwriting into the business arena all over the world. Panos is a scientist, and he brings objective verification as well as his great heart. Through Heavenletters and Godwriting, Panos will contribute to the growth of a new paradigm in business all over the world.

I am so grateful. I never even conceived of what Panos is going to accomplish. I think were going to have to hold on to our hats!

Panos will also continue to see that Heaven books are published in other languages. Russ Michael of Michael Worldwide Newsletter Age-reversal [at] aon [dot] at generously continues to promote Heavenletters to publishers along with his newly-written books. You may remember it is Michael who brought Panos and Monica to Heavenletters. Many thanks, Michael!

Panos, how do you feel about contributing a column for Heaven News? Say Yes!

While I was in Europe, I met most but not all of the people who have been contributing greatly to Heavenletters. I met Panos and Monica, of course, Also Maria who translates Heavenletters into Greek. Also Adrachin and Veronika who sponsored the Godwriting workshop in Tutzing, Germany, near Munich. Adrachin created and maintains the Heavenletters Community Forum as well as answering my interminable computer questions. Veronika translates Heavenletters into German. There will be more about Adrachin in a minute.

I met Russ Michael who came to the Tutzing Workshop with his beautiful wife, Maria.

And then I met Santhan, Heaven's Creative and Marketing Director, in Romania! Who could conceive this?

Where do these beautiful people come from? I was blessed to experience Heaven on Earth!

If you really want the scoop on the European trip, please go to Here are the blog entries already up, the latest at the top:
· Bavaria
· The Athens, Greece, Godwriting Workshop
· How to Speak Greek Perfectly
· Athens!
· Travel to Europe:

Soon to come are:

Fun in Germany
The Tutzing Workshop
Surprise Meeting at Munich Airport
First Night in Bucharest, Romania
The Romanian Workshop, a Guest Entry by Santhan
Monica Visan, Editura for You
Road Trip
How to Become a Princess
Goodbye, Europe

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From Romanian Publisher re Godwriting Workshop

Welcome home! The Romanians hug you with love.

Santhan who is still here told me that you arrived home safely, and I am very glad to hear that.

I keep receiving feedback about the Godwriting Workshop. Even the skeptics are thrilled that they could Godwrite, and still can!

Everybody shared my impression that you are one of the most powerful persons that ever came to our group and in six years, we have had many special guests. I personally consider that I had very much to learn from you and thank you for that from all my heart.

I will send you what the people have Godwritten as soon as I will have their Godwriting translated -- for posting on the blog.

Please, visit the site On the first page you will see a picture from the workshop and on the second page, there is the translation of your Godwriting from the next morning.

Now I say Good Night to you, as it is rather late here, and I send you all my love, together with the love of Romania.

I just want to mention that the Heavenletter written in Romania the morning after the workshop is the one that will be sent out on Christmas Day. It was an amazing Heavenletter.

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A New Heaven CD

While I was in Germany, Adrachin also gave me a program and taught me how to record a CD at home. Adrachin is a sound expert, and he will, of course, edit and make a great master copy for duplication. If you have favorite Heavenletters that you would like to see included, please tell us. By the way, Panos already recorded an introduction to the new CD.


Adrachin has been entering the daily Heavenletters onto the Heavenletters Community Forum. He is doing a lot of traveling with theatre groups. Is there someone who could take this over? It takes only a very few minutes, yet it helps so much. Please let me know who you are. Many thanks.

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I do remember that the lost Heaven News included the new I AM A MIRACLE book, edited by Jana Ostrom. The book includes quotations from several Heavenletters as well as a blog entry about miracles.

Book II has 97 miracle stories, 10 beautiful photographs and a great CD with 16 uplifting songs. For pre-orders the price is reduced. This book would make a great Christmas gift and inspiration for the New Year. Click Here to order,

Coincidently, Jana just wrote a foreword for an E-book coming up. Here is her beautiful foreword:

Networking on the worldwide web reflects the God-instilled desire to connect all of the unique God-Beings on the planet Earth by the common ground of :LOVE. Heaven Letters are uniquely extending to thousands of multicultural souls seeking the connection that unites us all.

I was brought to Heaven Letters through a website for an online ministry which continues to network worldwide. I was lovingly seeking, through the I Am a Miracle Foundation, beautiful God-Beings who wish to share their miracle stories, music and artwork with the world. Our intention is to provide a means for all who acknowledge connection with a Higher Power to express their gratitude for the Presence in their lives, which reminds us that whatever we need, want or desire is already provided prosperity in every way imaginable recognition of Oneness of all God's beloved children.

I am so grateful for the miracle of connection with the Heaven Letters website, through the Golden Key Ministry This is the miracle of connecting it affords us infinite possibilities of reaching the hearts of those who are also choosing to express their Oneness with all creation. Most loving, networking connections.

God has a gentle and intricate means of linking planet Earth, heart to heart, people to people, nation to nation. The Divine Webmaster continues persistently, yet unobtrusively, to expand strengthening strands of understanding, love, and peace throughout our world. Let us rejoice in the beauty of The Divine Web which grows stronger, more beautiful, more intricate, connecting our entire planet.
"Hold love to you like a beautiful bouquet of flowers,
and then toss the petals to the world
and see what the winds hold for you and
how beautiful everything is. "

Jana Ostrom, Editor


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Blessings and Love

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and the best New Year ever. I think we will have it. Peace is coming to the world. All that we have desired will come true. We are all going to have a terrific New Year. Thank you for being part of the world's spiritual evolution and sharing your God Self with us all.

God bless you.

With love,
Gloria and the Incredible Heaven Team

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Heaven News December 18, 2006

And here is the indroduction:

Much Love and Light, happy Christmas and a wonderful new year 2007



It's great that you are posting Heaven News now too! Thanks a bunch!

With love and blessings,


Heaven News December 18, 2006

Dear all,
I did hear the introduction and I enjoyed it very
much! I agree totally, Heavenletters are our
connection to God, they are our path to God,
to our divinity, they help to hear God whisper in
our ear, heart and soul.
Dear Gloria,
HEAVEN #2225 Your Imagined Self December 28, 2006, made me
cry tears of joy and love, so much love, divine love. I am grateful
to God that we met, grateful that we're here just now and that I came
across this paradise called Heavenletters!
A dear hug, may God bless and guide you each moment and shower
all His divine love on all of you!

P.S. Gloria, do still need help for entering the daily Heavenletters onto the Heavenletters Community Forum? If I can be of any assistance I'll be glad to do it.

Dearest Berit

Thank you for all your beautiful postings on this forum. Thank you for being you, dear one.

Two things!

Yes, Heavenletters are a path to God, but in no way does this imply the only path. God has said something like this: "The path to God is God." And God is everywhere!

How lovely of you to offer to help with the posting of Heavenletters. Since that request went out in Heaven News, Adrachin, the forum administrator, worked his magic and made the posting automatic. Now no one has to do it!

Thank you so much for your offer. Is it possible you would like to help with Heaven News? I would send you the countries, and you would add the flags? I would send you the flags too. I would love to have your help, dear Berit. Just be sure it's something you would really like to do.

With love, blessings, and gratitude,


Heaven News December 18, 2006

dear Gloria,
you are perfectly right. all pathes lead to God if we search for Him earnestly. Heavenletters is one of God's expressions in my life and
that's why I love them so much. it's the same divine love I feel.

Adrachin must be some kind of multimedia genius, at least from my
point of view, what a blessing!

I'd love to add the flags dear Gloria, it's really like seeing how God's love is felt and heard all around the world, so kindly send me all necessary things and I'll do them.

a dear hug!

Om Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
May all the beings of all worlds live happy and in peace :wink: