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Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity

If you've about half an hour to listen to the following I'd suggest it.
It's fun, it's light, it's informative, it's inspirational. and it made me laugh.
and you can listen while you're doing other things.

This woman (the speaker) has taken just one of God's principles and has made a very good living spreading the word that God intends us all to be prosperous and that it is our own limited thinking that holds us back from all the abundance that is there for all of us to claim.

Renaissance Unity only keeps the most recent talks available at this sight to hear, so I don't know how long this will be available. ( Yet usually any of the talks are great.)

This one is dated Sept 18th 2005 and is:

The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity
by Edwene Gaines

[url= ]] (then click on the 18 September audio- it downloads to MS Media Player)

apologies for not figuring out how to get the address to highlight and link.