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HEAVEN #2204 Where the Grass Grows December 6, 2006

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HEAVEN #2204 Where the Grass Grows December 6, 2006

God said:

Analyzing life makes you pause, and it causes delay. When something has occurred, and you ask, What is the meaning of this? you are taking a look back. When you weigh a decision, when you try to count all the pro's and con's, you are looking at a road ahead of you. Better not to dwell on cause and effect. Better to get up and move than to dwell long. Choose a path and walk on it. See where it will take you. How much can you know ahead of time?

Often decisions will make themselves.

You wonder whether to go this way or that, and then, seemingly without a decision made, you find yourself going one way and not the other.

Sometimes, beloved, you do not have to make a decision. The decision was made long before you thought of the question. Sometimes the next step is simply the next step. Quandaries do not exist except as you conceive them.

Sometimes life is simply the toss of a coin, and it matters not which turn in the road you take. Or doesn't matter much. One decision may be as good as another. Whether you wear the red dress or the blue is inconsequential. Nothing depends upon it. But while you are deciding, it seems like a big decision. Once made, the decision was not weighty at all. Because it was yours to make, it was weighty, but only because you weighed it.

Putting much attention on weighing your life is like measuring the ocean before you sail. The thing to do is to set sail. You know there is enough ocean. What is measuring for then but reassurance? Be reassured now. I AM here with you, and you are with Me. What is there to debate? With God beside you, what are you so concerned about?

You live according to your consciousness. Not conscience, beloveds, consciousness. Conscience is a worry you learned. Consciousness is Being. You didn't learn it. Of course, when you forget your consciousness and come from a lesser level, to gain something in the world, for instance, then you are conscience-stricken, and that leads to regret and remorse, and you don't want to spend time on them.

Be, beloveds. Live your Being.

Often there is no best choice. There is just choice, and it is yours to make. You cannot weigh all the factors. You cannot even know all the factors in order to weigh them. Your life on Earth is not meant for constant factor-weighing. Weighing is not living. Do not be an accountant of your life. You don't have to be hasty, nor need you delay.

Life is not so difficult when you simply mosey along in it. Consider yourself a horse at pasture. He grazes. He chews grass. He is not weighing all the possibilities of tomorrow's grass-grazing, nor is he contemplating what yesterday's was and trying to connect the two and make something out of it. He simply goes along to where the grass grows.

Are you not as smart as a horse? Of course, you think you are smarter. Certainly, you accumulate knowledge. You store it up in a silo of your mind. The silo overflows with knowledge, and you don't know what to make of it all.

Give way to what comes. Allow room for the present, beloveds. Move up a notch in life. Here are the green pastures. Here is the vast ocean. And here are you and here am I, and here is Oneness and what else is there really, and, if there were, what would you want it for?

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