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HEAVEN #2202 The Seat of Your Fulfillment December 4, 2006

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HEAVEN #2202 The Seat of Your Fulfillment December 4, 2006

God said:

Because you cannot see does not mean that there is nothing to see. On a cloudy night, the stars are not visible, but what has visibility to do with the stars? And so is it with your life.

The fulfillment of your greatest desires could be an inch away, and you could be feeling that you have been abandoned by the universe.

You put yourself through so many unnecessary things. You panic that you will not find the entry door while you are already inside. Or you fear you will not find the exit door while you are already outside.

If there is anything to be abandoned, it is your fear thoughts. Predict other things. Predict the enlightenment of the world. Predict good fortune. Feel it rushing toward you and everywhere. Feel blessings landing on you, pinning your shoulders to the mat of good fortune.

The three little pigs in the story went out with little knapsacks to seek their fortune. They knew what they were seeking. You are doing the same, if only you knew. You think you are looking for this thing and that thing, and you may have forgotten what you are really after. Remember now.

Beloveds, you have been sidetracked. What you are truly seeking cannot be found in department stores. What you are seeking is already within, and yet, other people, ordinary people, will usher you to the seat of your fulfillment. Looking within does not mean to absent yourself from other people. Nor are other people the answer to your quest. Yet other people will give you clues, for, of course, there really are not other people. Every single person you meet is connected to you, and they are before you for a purpose, just as you are before them for a purpose. Think of your meeting, not as a lesson, but rather an opportunity to love. Does not every meeting provide that opportunity? The more torrid the meeting, the more you are called on to love.

In the fairy tales, sometimes it is the most unlikely person who gives the seeker the wisdom he is seeking. The most unlikely person knows the way to the palace and knows the ways to get past all the guards. Perhaps there are unlikely people in your life who have messages for you. Listen and love, listen and appreciate, listen and accept, listen and listen. Listen to all the clues, beloved. The universe has a lot to say to you.

Each person before you bears a gift.

In fairy tales, the first person you meet is the one you are to marry. This means to marry in understanding. And, so, if you meet the toad, accept the grace of understanding and do not be daunted. Be undaunted. Before the tale is over, the toad has become a prince. And you a princess.

From every encounter, come away with something. Not with disgruntlement. Come away with something you did not have before. Make this your intention.

Getting your way is not a good enough intention any more. Getting your own way is not worth much, beloveds. Come away with something more. Come away with greater comprehension of what you are to another, and what another is to you.

Consider that you each take two ends of a blanket you are folding, and as you come together in the folding, you meet. As you come together, you meet Me.

Someone is going to introduce you to Me today in a surprising way.

Greet everyone. Welcome everyone to your consciousness, and you will find out who is bringing Me to you. Be ready, beloveds. Be ready.

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