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Interacting with Probability Fields

Interacting with Probability Fields
Mary Robison Reynolds

You may be thinking, "What if I've been sending out a series of really terrible negative futures? Can I turn that around?" Well if you have been sending out negativity, you probably are already automatically rethinking and reversing negative possibilities by reading this book. Or it may be that you are getting excited by the realization that there really isn't anything you can't be, do or have.

“It ain't over until the beautiful lady sings.” Meaning that, you are constantly interacting with probability fields. If you give up, then that's an interaction and a voiding of any and all help that could in fact be available to you, whether you messed up or not! When you get clear about the end result you prefer, this interacts with energies that are currently in motion. There may be difficult experiences unfolding, and you can interact in an instant and initiate the vision of a different outcome. You are never without power in any moment.

Remember that our thought energy works instantly, and the stronger the emotion behind the thought, the faster the results come back to you. Through the process of MasterMinding, you are taking mindful steps to deliberately bring in more of what you want and less of what you don't want. If you feel yourself slipping into overwhelm or fear about what modern science and medicine are now revealing to us, just remember that knowledge is power.

MasterMinding is not about perfection, it's about fine-tuning the future you want to experience by taking back and utilizing your inherent power. It's about interrupting what's been, because you have the power to do so. You are constantly interacting with probability fields. Why not do so as you would prefer? You do this by "seeing" a different outcome. The "how" of it will either reveal itself to as an inspired action for you to take, or it will just come into your experience as changed or as something different, as you are visualizing and preferring that it be.

Future Time

Can I influence the future if I have a precognition?
Is it fixed in stone?
Can I co-create with the future?

Getting a glimpse of the future, or having a premonition with negative or painful implications, can be very unsettling and for some, tremendously frightening.

Think of future realities as one dancing Probability Field. You may have a "glimmer" of a future you would prefer NOT to have happen. Recognize that you are a part of this one seamless field, and you are interacting with it — whether you are interacting because you simply want to know that you've already made a decision and you feel peaceful about it, or you're attempting to be a part of the co-creative process with it. The point is, the more conscious you are of the field of probabilities, the more opportunity to have to create with it.

This is not a new idea.

Some Native American Tribes honored the dreams of members of their community. When a dream arose that the tribe did not particularly want, like a poor crop yield, they took action immediately, as soon as the dreamer reported it. They did not wait passively to see if the dream became a reality. The tribe would come together and role-play the dream repeatedly. Each time they role-played it, they would change the critical event into a slightly less negative occurrence.

For example, instead of seeing a devastating crop yield, they'd see a slightly poor crop yield. They'd do this over and over again, until they had an outcome that was acceptable.

In order to appease the forces at work behind the dream, they did not try to completely eliminate the challenge (the poor crop) but to reduce it's impact.

So, for example, they might take the dream to a place where one of their fields has a poor crop yield rather than entire year’s crop. As you can see, they are dancing with probability time, they are role-playing a dream, a myth that takes them to a place that is less devastating.

Another interesting example of a person who literally rejected several probable realities, until he settled on an acceptable one, comes from the Louisa Rhines Collection Hidden Channels of the Mind.

A seasoned soldier of WWI had noticed that every time one of his buddies had reported having a "hunch" that his "number was up," he unfortunately proved to be correct. Usually he was killed or seriously injured shortly thereafter.

When this soldier had a foreboding that he was in for a hit, he worked hard to shake the feeling. No matter what he did, he couldn't shake the sensation, however, and he stated: "I began to hope that I would not be crippled in such a way that I would be a hopeless burden to someone. In my mind, I rejected wounds in this and that part of my body, until at last I settled for a flesh would in the back of my left shoulder."

Two days later, when the soldier glimpsed a small knoll he was ordered to take, he recognized that this was the place where "it" would happen. The hit happened shortly after the battle began. A piece of shrapnel made a severe cut in the back of his left shoulder.

In Agnes Sanford's The Healing Light, there is yet another powerful story that came out of the First World War.

An English woman, whose son was a pilot in the RAF, became greatly afflicted by a recurrent nightmare. She dreamed that she was walking in a meadow bordered by poplar trees and sloping toward a little stream. It was a lush green meadow, dotted with daffodils. As she walked among them, she heard the sound of planes. She looked up and saw two, an English plane and a German plane. She watched a battle between them. The English plane crashed to the earth, and burst into flames. In her dream, she ran up to it and dragged out the charred body of her son.

Such was the nightmare, from which she would awaken drenched with sweat and in agony of fear. Again and again she was tormented with this dreadful dream, until all her waking thoughts were heavy with the fear of it. At last, fearing that she would lose her mind, she sought help from a psychiatrist.

"I will tell you what to do," he said. Think about the highest thing you know. Think of light and love and protection. Then think of your son, and see him at his very happiest and healthiest and best. Do this every time the dream or the thought occurs"

The woman trained her thoughts moment by moment to follow this pattern of thinking. So the light and the love became real to her, and in that light and love she placed her son. As she so reordered her thinking, the nightmare came to her less frequently and with less horror. Gradually her daytime fears decreased. She noticed, moreover, a changed feeling toward her son. She had always loved him, but now she loved him more than ever. She forgot the little things in him that had worried her, and dwelt joyfully upon his best and happiest characteristics. Finally, she ceased entirely to dream about the lush green meadow and the airplanes, and put the whole matter behind her.

Some months later, she was at a house party in the south of England, and went for a walk in a meadow. Suddenly she looked about her with a start of amazement, for it was the meadow of her dream! There were the poplar trees and the little stream --and there were daffodils in the grass, for it was spring. Almost immediately, she heard the sound of airplanes. She looked up and saw them --an English plane and a German plane! She watched a dog-fight. One of the planes fell and crashed into the meadow. But it did not burst into flames. Out of it stepped a young man, perfectly unharmed. He ran up to her, his face radiant.

"Mother!" he cried. "The most wonderful thing has happened! I knew I was falling, and I wasn't a bit afraid, and on the way down --something in me seemed to wake up -- I just felt different!"

**After this book was published, a letter from England definitely confirmed this story.

One thing is clear, the mother lifted herself out of her fear by surrounding the one she loved with light and life. This was pure visualization. In so doing, she not only overcame her fear, but she also made it possible for a guiding Providence to protect her son from a death that would otherwise have been inevitable.

One might say, "But isn't this selfish to visualize for the protection of your own? Some boys have to be killed in war!"

This is foolish and keeps us locked into powerlessness and scarcity mentality. It would be as ridiculous as if a mother said, "Isn't it selfish for me to feed my baby, because some babies have to starve?"

Where are we to begin, if not to visually protect, grow and desire great things for ourselves and the lives of those we touch?

Let us then begin where we are today. We can visualize, and we can MasterMind for the protection of our own and trust the high vibrational frequencies of light and love to weave these requests together in their own time and their own way toward the protection of us all.

And why would this have an affect on our world?

Because we asked, and we used our faith to visualize different outcomes to "pending" events. We have the free will and the gift of visualization, and therein lies our choice for faith. How will we choose to use our powers of visualization? For what we fear, or for what we would prefer? This is your choice each and every time you are faced with a sense that something is coming to you that is unlike how you'd prefer it to be.

"But if everybody used their visualizing power like that, how could we ever have a war?" you might ask. The answer is simple: we couldn't have war.

Those who seek and visualize protection of their own are not working selfishly. They are among the makers of coming peace, love harmony and good will. They are the living examples of what humanity can be.

These stories suggest that the FATE perspective of a supposed linear reality may be a way we unconsciously co-create realities we would not otherwise choose. I, too, might have found these stories hard to believe, if it weren't for all that I've been drawn to learn, and if it weren't for my own experiences with electing to interact with probability fields.

When my son was three, I went out to fix the big light above the garage. I was renting the house we were living in, and it came with a very old aluminum ladder that was somewhat wobbly. I placed the ladder strategically below the bulb and began to climb. A voice in side my head said, "Don't go on that top step," but for some strange reason I put my foot on that top step anyway and then brought my other foot up and place it there too. At that exact moment the ladder began to buckle and wobble, and I saw the cement driveway that I was about to fall on.

In an instant, I saw myself seriously hurt and not able to care for my son.

My immediate, guttural response from the absolute core of my being was NO - ABSOLUTELY NOT. I refused it into my experience. There wasn't anything more important to me than raising my son and as I found myself teetering on the edge of probabilities, I was very aware of what I was resolved about.

I fervently believed in the miraculous and thought about manifestation on a daily basis. This was my mental and emotional daily practice - and in that most incredible moment that was suspended in time, I felt strong, firm hands on my back and arm, holding me up and placing my hand on the wall of the garage. As I was steadied, I heard a voice in my mind say, "Get down now." I didn't want to move. The voice once again said, "Get down now." My knees and legs were like jelly, and as I felt my hand firmly on the garage wall, I decided to take that first step down.

When I got to the ground, I wept from my depths. I was overcome with the knowledge and experience that I was truly not alone. I physically felt the strong hands on my back holding me steady. There was no mistake in my mind about what had just happened.

So do I believe these stories? Yes I do. When fear comes upon me, especially regarding my loved ones, I go back and revisit these stories, because they remind me of how important it is that I not collapse into powerlessness about anything that I may be getting a premonition of. We have all been given authority to ask for what we want, and in that, and that alone, we can use it for good. It is a good thing to want your family to be protected and provided for 24 / 7. THEN CHOOSE TO SEE IT!

Where there is no vision the people perish.

Look at it this way. You are constantly sending out a variety of future realities based on what you think is possible and what you fear. What you visualize is the position from which you create.

So let's say you get yourself in a bind. It is your desire for growth and in that, you may make decisions that are based in lack and fear, so you "get" new experiences and the opportunity to grow new neurological pathways. But for now, you find yourself in a pickle. It ain't over until it's over. Don't give up. You are never without power. Turn your situation around into a request and refuse to allow yourself to be tempted to hypnotized by negative appearances! In that action alone, you are taking your power back, and forging new pathways of acceptance into the larger realm of possibilities to fulfill your dreams and desires.

You may reject these stories, but one thing about all of these stories is plain and clear: we all have the power to lift ourselves out of fear by surrounding ourselves and the ones we love with a vision that is of the greater and not the lessor. We have habits of seeing the lessor: all the reasons why not. This has been our teaching and this has become the norm.

These stories keep me mentally and emotionally intact when I foresee a probable future of an event, or feel a vibe that is about to wreak havoc in my world or the future I seek to have as my experience. This is why, in MasterMinding, having a vision of what you prefer and a commitment to keep your focus on that vision is so vitally important. If you don't keep it and ask for it, who will? If you want it as your experience, take responsibility for laying the ground work for it. Do it, and do it without resentment, because the vision was given to you first.

I came in to this world "in-tune" or very sensitive to the energy of others. I never got a “computer printout” of exactly what others’ thoughts and attitudes were, but I always have had a sense of it when someone’s energy was good and pure, or icky and mean spirited. I have struggled with the fear of knowing what I knew, feeling what I felt and wanting what I wanted.

All of this has come full circle for me, in understanding that I am never without power. I have inherent gifts of just the right amount of intelligence and the capacity to connect to do what I came to do. I have intuition, and I have free will to either pay attention or to do as the world would tell me to do, which is usually contrary or opposite of what my inner guidance is telling me. I am connected and in tune to the energies of those I love, and rather than trying to pretend that I'm not, I've learned that no matter what vision I receive as a probable future, I can get to work and vision a different outcome.

I do this with my husband in creating a marriage of peace, love, harmony, good will and alignment. We do this in regard to the things we prefer, so that we are able to align our different personality styles. We do this for our son and daughters in relationship to all the fears that come up for us as parents. In regard to my son, we visualize his ease with grades, his confidence and athleticism in the sports he chooses and wants to excel in. For our daughters, we visualize anything and everything they indicate to us that they would like to have as their experiences: excellence in school and work, financial means, having a soul mate, marriage, family. We continually "see" for them the capacity to hear and act on their intuition. That in their ability to interact with their inner guidance system, "it" keeps them safe and powerful in their world.

In the face of fear; we have two choices. We can pretend that we don't know what we “know,” or we can take the impending premonition and change the vision of the outcome to something easier and better.

And when I have done all that I know I can do in the MasterMinding process, all that I was meant to do to affect my world and to bring the greatness I see to the people whose lives I either knowingly or unknowingly touch, I can then let it go and know that this or something better will in fact occur.

The very simple way I choose to interact with probability fields is to either write or mentally repeat the following statements to myself, over and over and over. They are from Florence Scoval Shinn's book, The Game of Life and How to Play it:

I am undisturbed.
Infinite Intelligence reaches out over people and conditions,
controlling this situation and protecting our interests.
I am willing to dismiss ALL sense of injury.

Resentments and "all the trouble" come because we are fighting the battle and not allow things to flow. These statements bring a picture of a long arm symbolizing strength and protection. With the realization of the Power of choice, we would no longer resist or resent. The fear thoughts within us will be destroyed, therefore the adverse conditions will disappear, drop away.

Picture a thing and bring it through,
rather than trying to reason it through or force it through.
—Catherine Ponder

When I get a picture in my mind of something that "might" happen, a guideline that I practice when faced with fear, is that I treat it as if I do have choice. In MasterMinding, you can ask for the greatest good, and in that you can also take hold of your authority and visualize a different outcome or at least an outcome that is easier to deal with.

You can use this with your children, with your marriage or other important relationships, and with absolutely everything you set out to do. If a "picture" comes into your mind, you can either say to yourself "delete." Or, if it is too unsettling and it repeats itself, you can now sit with it and work at visualizing a different "field" for it to happen in.

It's not important so much that we try to figure out the past, as much as it's important to interact with our present and our future. When people die and leave this World, we sometimes accept that it was simply their time. Other times we feel it was way too early, and it should not have happened. Don't try to figure this out so much, but rather try to stay "connected" and "open" to what is trying to happen.

My first son's death was a most traumatizing event for me, and yet, with it came incredible gifts that have made my life a very rich life. He is always with me, and I still grieve from time to time because of what I miss about him. And then, I find that it's necessary to be here now. That it is vital for my healthy rich life that I continue to keep my focus on the blessings I now enjoy. This was not something I understood or could have accepted until many, many years after this event.

What I gradually came to realize over time is that he brought me the gift of actively electing to participate in visualization. As I was raising my son, BJ, I came to understand that had Erik not died, I probably would have been a very abusive mother. Not because I was of that nature, but because I had so much stored up rage about how my mother raised me and abused me, that in those really tough moments when a child is throwing a fit, or screaming, being unresponsive, or just doing the things normal children do, I know that I would not have been able to stop myself.

As those situations occurred with my second son BJ, and as I found myself literally becoming my mother, the rage was so great that I could barely stay conscious. But because of the devastation of losing Erik, I was always able to stay in my body, stay conscious and transform a legacy of abusive parenting. I had no idea I had so much rage inside of me that could possibly come out on a child until I had my own child. But my inner self knew.

Erik's death saved my life.

Because of Erik, I woke up and started taking responsibility for every aspect of my life. He is with me always, keeping me awake and conscious of the probability fields dancing around me. He is always the reminder of what I do not want as my experience again. I will consciously work to whatever means necessary to not collapse into powerlessness for it is in that state that chaos rules my world.


Whatever the difficult situation in your life may be, it's time to snap out of it. Most of it is a legacy in need of change and transformation. Decide differently. Decide for an outcome that would be for the good of the whole. Decide to take charge and get behind the wheel of your life, and drive it, baby. Drive it until you get to where you say you want to go. Don't stop. Don't look left and don't look back and don't look right. Keep going, and don't let what anybody's telling you about why you can't get there take root in your thinking. Keep your vision and focus on the goal, and bring your requests to your MasterMind partners to help you interact more powerfully with the future you prefer to have as your experience.