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Welcome vector8

Welcome to this forum dear Enocia!
You may not remember me but I've been following you through all your various blogs. They are such a wonderful example of a someone who lives God's reality and God's kingdom here on Earth.

I'm so glad you found this wonderful place. I'm sure you'll love the people you find here!


Welcome vector8

Well, well, well, it is a small universe. Of course I remember you. I've kept your emails; well I keep people's comments to remind me how BRILLIANT I AM, I mean God is. :lol:

How is your sister, darling? Hope she's OK.

So this is where you've been hiding. Well, it's a wonderful forum and the God Letters are terrific and speak to the heart.

It's wonderful to be here.

Lots of love,

Welcome vector8

Yes it is a wonderful forum.
My sister is getting better. Actually I was in London some months ago, because my younger sister, who also lives there, was diagnosed breast cancer. She's getting better too. I thought about you a lot when I was in UK.