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HEAVEN #2180 One of the Stars in the Night Sky October 25, 2

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HEAVEN #2180 One of the Stars in the Night Sky October 25, 2006

God said:

Something meant a lot to you yesterday, and now today you hardly think of it. Life is a stream, and the tree branch you grab on to today is a different one from yesterday. Hot is warm one day and cold is tepid the next.

You are one way in one situation, and another way in another.

You walk through the mall or a park. You are in a room painted gold or in a shed. Yet wherever your body happens to roam, you are still you through it all. You are not amazed that you take one bus today and another one later. You ride a train or a plane, and still you are you. And then you return home, and tomorrow is another day.

In terms of your existence behind the scenes, it is not surprising that you also roam here and there, and yet you are always at home with Me. We are always One, only sometimes you are more aware than other times. We spend plenty of time in Heaven together, and still you find yourself in your body on Earth. You keep your toe on first base, as it were, and yet your range is vast, and you can experience great travels. You have been to the Sun many times. You have gone backwards and forwards in what you call time. You have entered the galaxies, and there is not a thing in Heaven or on Earth that you do not know.

You are indeed a time traveler in that you are an Infinity Traveler. Even as your body stays in one spot, you travel far and wide. At some imagined point in Infinity, you focus on one dimension or another, just as you might look at one star or another, or at one point of a star.

There is a star-studded cast in Heaven, and you are one of the stars in the night sky. Because there is no space and no time, you can be the literal lighted star you are and still grumble on Earth. If your home is with Me, then there is not anywhere you cannot be, and there is not anything that you are not.

On Earth, you look at an object, and you enter that object and become it -- do you know what I mean? You can enter into the consciousness of anything. You can become the consciousness of the tree outside your window or the stone in the driveway. You can also enter the consciousness of another Human Being, past, present, or future.

You may long to know who you were in a past life. You can be anyone you want to be, but why would you want to be? You are your soul now, even as you are also this vagrant Human Being wandering the Earth. Who you are is far greater than your name and far greater than the name you once held in another imagined time.

Choose whom you would want to have been in a past life, and surpass them now. You were featured in another fiction book once. Be Truth now.

You can be Christ now. No need to wear white robes. Be a modern-day Christ. All you have to do is to see far and to leave love all over the place. Will you do that?

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