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Will President Bush Join HeavenLetters???

Dear Friends,

Warm Greetings to you.

I didnt know where to post this so am
posting it here.

I found President Bush's email
in an Ezine I got today and I
Immediately send him one of HL's
Promo mails with all the links and
ezine joining link etc.I have also
written that it wuld make a Great Gift
for his family members and all at
The White House.

I surprised myself as I didnt think
I wuld ever do this someday.I am

Let's see what happens.



You have guts! I love it! Good for you.

You have introduced Heavenletters to so many good people.

It would be a miracle, I think, to get a response, but why not miracles? Why not?

Anyway, the marvelous thing is that you did it!

With love and blessings,