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Best Friend Best Teacher

Hi Everyone,

I've been receiving Heaven Letters for quite some time and I share them with friends and students all the time because they reflect what I believe for my own life and do my best to pass on. I am new to this forum though and would like to say hi to everyone by way of some sort of introduction.

I have pretty much lost interest in "my story" but do have bits and pieces written here and there from the time that I still found it fascinating. I will offer up one of those here if anyone has any interest in reading way too long a story :? Mostly I just look forward to getting to know you here over time.

Best Friend Best Teacher

How I became a Life Coach, Intuitive Communicator, Reiki Master and Ordained Minister offering compassionate consultations with all species.

It is located here if you would like to read all about it;

Best Friend Best Teacher

hi Trish

yes it is interesting
sometimes our "story" is much more interesting to others than to us

but we run a long way with us
others do so ,too
but nevertheless want to know about our story...

a warm welcome to you here on board...