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Other People's Conversations with God....

Dear Friends:

I think this ability to not only talk to God, but hear him/her talk back to us, is one of the most important aspects of life!

And, I'd suggest anyone who would like to have their own experience, should consider taking Gloria's Heaven writing workshop.

I have had my own 'conversation with God' and though you all might like
to hear. We each are meant to have our own inner discussions!

For me it happened like this:

One day I was walking around until I had the thought: "I haven't talked
to God for awhile." Soft, quiet little tought. So, I easily began again the
wonderful discussion that I've enjoyed for years.

This time however, during my experience, it occured to me, "Oh, my
it seems like somebody's talking back to me." So, I stopped and said:

"Hey, how do I know it is you, Lord?" And the next words were: "Because every thought you've ever had, every thought every one has ever had, comes from me!"

Direct, to the point and soooo legitimate. I don't know what happened, but some sort of veil of ignorance. I began to cry and weep, inside, knowing that God was indeed speaking to me.

So, I said in great happiness, humility and wonder. "Then, this means I can ask you anything!....?"

God then said " Yes!"

The began my first deep, powerful conversation with God.

It went on for perhaps 3,4 hours. I was elated, feeling such a frictionless
flow and deep inner happiness.

Today I'm compelled to share this experience with you all. God, too seems to want to speak.

"My children, it is true. I do exist. I'm deep inside each and every one
of you, my children, my creation.

I am there for you, waiting for you, eagerly looking forward to each step
that you make towards our future Oneness together...

Though of course, that Union is already Truth.

But, I look forward to that day, when you remember our Oneness.

So, take Gloria's God conversations...
inspire yourself...
and come to have your own....God talks!

They're divine,...and will set you free!

Annnd,.... they're only the beginning.

Talking to God, is one stage,....
hearing back is another...
and then your heart and soul moving deeper openly
embrace the almighty consciousness which is 'us' together...

Ahhh, what a life...

Come on...."

God conversations now come so easily, that I'm always stirred when
I let God speak to me, through me....

It's not channeling. It's so easy.... It's our inner Self...seeking to come

Jai God!

Mark Kincaid

Other People's Conversations with God....


Just wanted to say....

I'd love to hear other people's heaven conversations too.

I think there's a great goodness that comes from it.

First I had my experience....
then later... read about.... Neale Walsh's conversations with God, then I became aware of Gloria's wonderful experiences....

So, please share yours as well...

Mark Kincaid


Dear Mark,

You sure are a great addition to the forum, Mark. Thank you for your generous support of the workshops.

Did you know that the Panos Aximakaros, the publisher in Greece, has formed the European Godwriting Institute? I believe there will be many more workshops and people learning how to give them.

Many blessings,