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100 to ...

hi dear ones...

congratultion to '100 here on the board, Paula
and Margod, Engin, Leen, Liria ...

a toast to all the translators...

in love and joy (and fun!!!)
enjoy your sunny sunday


Dear dear Veronika,

I celebrate you and all the translators, yet I do not know what you are referring to. What is '100?

With love and blessings,


100 to ...

dear Gloria,
paula posted the 100th translation here on board!

love and blessings

Celebrating Translations!

Ah, that is indeed cause for celebration!

Actually, Paula has reached 200 or more because she translated the first ebook into Italian and is also working on the transation of the print book!

The print book has 91 Heavenletters in it, and you have translated the whole book, so you have well passed the 100th Heavenletter too!

And others are working on the book translation as well.

Of course, I am so grateful for every single translation. Some translators have translated only one so far, and their one translation stands out like a beautiful star.

God bless you all.

With love, Gloria

100 to ...

Hi Gloria
therefore I said
100s on the board

knowing that there are many others translated heavenletters are "running" around...

and we all began with the frist translation...

and became more and more "entering"....