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Question about an English expression

I was translating the Heavenletter #1785 and there's one phrase I'm not quite sure about:

There is a fountain of love from Heaven that saturates the Earth and all on it, including those who do not believe in love, who do not trust it as far as they can throw it...

Can you please tell me the exact meaning?



Response to Paula

Dearest Paula,

“as far as you can throw it” is an idiom, of course, and it means that you can’t trust at all. As far as you can throw it isn’t far at all, so the trust is little. Is there an equivalent in Italian? I think the point is made without “as far as they can throw it” so it could just be left out. As you must know, I have great trust in your choices, Paula.

Alas, there are many of us who do not trust in love.

With love and blessings,