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HEAVEN #2159 On the Dance Floor October 4, 2006

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HEAVEN #2159 On the Dance Floor October 4, 2006

God said:

What is thunder and lightening but thunder and lightening, a storm that inevitably passes. What are storms in life if not the same? They come, they go. You weather them. You walk through them. Storms are only storms. Life is yours no matter what. There is no stepping out of life, yet you are so familiar with illusion -- you are so familiar with it, you take it for Truth.

You cannot go out on a limb in life. Certainly it seems so, but seeming isn’t so. The only Truth is Truth. I cannot tell you the Truth enough, that you and I are One, inseparable. You are One under God -- not one person, one nation, one planet, one Earth – but one pulsing heart and reverberating soul.

Whether you claim Me or not, I have claimed you. I created you Mine, and, so, you are Mine, indefatiguably Mine. Not intermittently Mine, but Mine without cease, Mine without exception, Mine always. You always are Mine, and you always were. You have never departed from Me, beloveds.

Whether you believe Me or not, you have never departed. You have never been anywhere but inside My heart. There is no end to My heart. No matter what storm, My heart does not sink, My heart waves high.

We might say you escape into My heart, but how can you escape to where you have always been? Like, how do you go to a party when you are already there? How do you go to a movie when you are already in the theater? Come, be attached to Reality, not that which you call reality, not that subterfuge for Truth, not that scarecrow blown by the winds, not that boogeyman you call life and that you let scare you.

Don’t you know I am everywhere? It is not that Eternal Life is yours sometime, or later. It is yours now. Your life runs on eternal electricity, not some flickering temperamental battery.

The physical is physical. A storm is a storm. You are, as it were, in the eye of the storm, only there is no storm. Where there is stillness, storm cannot go. Where there is eternal life, there can be no interruption. You are in life for life. There is no balcony outside of life to go to. There is no stepping out on life. You can only be faithful to it.

What is your body but denseness that describes you? It describes you in that it surrounds you, but it is only a description, a little drawing of you, a physical approximation of you, a dartboard of you hung while you are on your way, but you are far more than any description of you. As I am indescribable, so are you. As I am attributeless, so are you. I Who Am Everything am attributeless. I am immutable. I am beyond the senses, and so are you.

You have senses to use as you use a tool from the drawer. Tools serve a purpose, but they are not the purpose.

Physicality is not your purpose. The senses are not your purpose. Life and love are your purpose. Being is your purpose.

A flower blooms. A little flower knows its purpose, while you seek a purpose. You want to give a name to it. You want to be able to say: “This is my purpose in life.” All the while your purpose is life itself.

A song is being played, and you dance to it. What is your purpose on the dance floor? It is to dance.

While you have life in a body, what is your purpose? To live your fullest while you abide in a body, knowing it is only a temporary liaison. You have a permanent liaison, an eternal occasion, the eternal occasion of you. Eternal, it is not an occasion. We are forever, beloveds. Our dance never finishes. The music plays on and on. We live, we love.

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