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HEAVEN #2158 One Verse October 3, 2006

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HEAVEN #2158 One Verse October 3, 2006

God said:

You came to Me during the night. You left your cares with Me. I took them. You were awake in My arms as your body slept. Blessed are you who sleep in My arms, and so blessed are you ever upon Earth.

It is not that you forget yourself in sleep. It is that you have true remembrance. Not even remembrance, because you experience anew the refreshment of closeness to Me. Your mind wanders no longer. You find the sweet nectar of Oneness that you have been seeking. You come up against it, and meld with it. You let go of all that was other. No wonder you love sleep. No wonder you bury your head in it. You may have thought that you are in a deep cloud as you sleep, but, in sleep, you are in the bright sunshine. And it is, when you suppose yourself awake, you sleep. You sleepwalk until sleep ascends once more, and you are awake. Will you remember now?

But, beloveds, you have only the guise of unawareness, for your awareness penetrates without pause. There is nothing that you don’t know, don’t have. There is no love that you are out of nor absent from. You have total happiness always, even when your mind drifts far away from it. There is a solid rod of Oneness that you seemingly jump around, but Oneness is constant. Lean back in life, and experience this Oneness that you are. Lean up against it.

Imagine it. It is already true, for it already is. And now you peek under the lid, and you see the panorama of Oneness that you live and have too often obscured from your view. Behold the light of Oneness. Let it abscond with you. Let go of all that you hold on to, and allow yourself a lightning bolt of Oneness, a Supreme Oneness, always present, but that you have blinded yourself from. Undo that blindness now. Take the wrapper off the candy of life.

The antidote to what plagues you in life is awareness, simple awareness. You have had enough of the complicated awareness. Now have simple unentangled awareness. Let the silt fall to the bottom, and your awareness rise to the top. Ascend with your heart now. Know the joy you stand amidst. Take it for your own, for it belongs to you. What belongs to you is yours. All the things that you have thought belong to you are nothing at all. But that which truly belongs to you is everything.

Moods that descend upon you are not you.

You have been a stranger to yourself. You have been alien to the Truth of you. You borrowed a coat from a rack. You thought it was yours. You merely grabbed it, however, because it was hanging there. You thought you needed to clothe yourself with it. It was an illusory coat, and yet you obscured yourself with it. You hid yourself from view. You held beauty and peace and joy under a basket filled with vagrant things. What a charade.

Know now that you carry a picnic basket of love with you. Do not cover it up. Let the love meet the light of day. Let it be aired. Share it with all, for all attend the same picnic with you. Some do not yet know what they bring to the picnic. They may think they come empty-handed. No matter, you have enough to feed the whole universe, the same as I feed the universe. The one verse I sing, I sing of thee. And you sing with Me.

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