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I'm like a butterfly

Today, I remembered...

I'm like a butterfly.

This thought hadn't occurred to me until a few months ago. My
wonderfully attuned daughter Laurie said that when she thinks of
me, she often gets the image of a butterfly. Isn't that beautiful?

There are a lot of layers to being a butterfly, you know. First, there's
the whole caterpillar stage. Not the prettiest of phases, but entirely
necessary to progress. Then, we have the nerve-wracking time when
we sense the upcoming metamorphosis and become quite uneasy
(who am I? Do I really want to do this?). The cocooning or rest period
follows when we could mistakenly assume from appearances that
nothing is happening. Finally, the butterfly, the destiny or true self
emerges and floats through life on air (mostly).

I can relate all of these stages to my own life experience. And, it's
helpful to me to remember that I'm like a butterfly, a stone, a bear.

And you.

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