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A New Beginning!!!

Dear Friends,

Warm Greetings to all of you
from India.

I am happy to write that I have got
a Job at Sharjah(Somewhere in
Middle East) in a Foreign Cars Company
as Sales Executive.

I have to leave this October First
week and then I have Training for
3 months there.The Kool part is
I get paid even during Training.

The Company provides Accomodation
and I will have to share a room with another

The only Negative is that I get leave
only 1 Month a Year.So that means
I can come back Home only for 1 month
in a Year.Yikes....I dont know how I am
going to handle this.

Pls let me know if I can be of any help
to any of you while I am at Sharjah.

I have personally done this "45 Day Saturn-Jupiter Fire Ritual" and got my Sharjah Job within 3 Days of doing this Homa.It's really POWERFUL!!!I didnt know Fire Ritual's could be
so Powerful and Effective,but now I am a Believer.
If you wanna Try it too,You can visit:
(This Special Fire Ritual is totally Booked and taken off the site as of now.But I think they will have it again next

Is there any HL Subscriber at Sharjah?
If Yes,I would be Excited to meet
up with you---Pls let me know.

This is the First time I am leaving home
and going out to a Foreign Country.
So My Parents are a little worried
since I am the Youngest in the family
and since I have no friends/relatives at
Sharjah.I am a little scared too
but I guess this will be good for
my Soul growth and this way I am
getting to move out of my "Comfort
Zone"--So even though I am
terrified within,I am moving

I am getting a Ganesha Fire Ritual
done for me this Aug 27 on
Lord Ganesha's B'Day.It is good
to get Ganesha's Blessings before
starting any New Task in Life.

I also plan to hand out Photocopies
of 1 or more HL's at Sharjah
Shopping Malls and other places.
First I have to go and
get settled there.

Pls pray for me and any words of
encouragement will be greatly

Thank you all.

Love and Joy,