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HEAVEN #2079 Parting the Waves of the Ocean July 15, 2006

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HEAVEN #2079 Parting the Waves of the Ocean July 15, 2006

God said
If there are no true opposites - and there are not - then that means
that there is Oneness. There is no opposite to love. I am aware you believe
you can prove otherwise, but you are merely parting the waves of the Ocean.
You are not touching the depths. A squall may be a squall. The Ocean Itself
is always Ocean, and the Ocean is an Ocean of Peace. Ripples may be ripples,
but what are they really? What do they amount to? Movement of the Ocean,
that's all. Ocean cannot be undone. Ocean really cannot be something else.
Your eyes would tell you otherwise. You see foam, and you hear roar, and
sometimes, once in a while, you hear the stillness and your eyes look into
the depths. Yet no matter how much your hands paddle in the water, the Ocean
is unchanged. You do not disrupt the depth of the Ocean.
You stand on a dais, let Us say. You can jump up and down on it. You
can stride across it. No matter what you do, what you stand on can only be
what you stand on. However you cavort on the stage, whatever lengths you go
to, whatever exercises you perform, whatever changes you make to the scenery
on the stage, the stage remains a stage.
If We imagine that love is a stage, however you contort it, however
you rail at it, however you may discount it, no matter how much you say it
is something else, love remains love, and there is nothing else for it to
remain. Love is it, beloveds. Must you go through all the bother of trying
to make it into something else? Love will always win. There is no way you
can beat love.
Even everything that you see as opposite to love or outside its
realm can only be the movement of love. You are moving love from one place
to another. You may be boiling it on the stove of emotion. You may play
uproar with love. You may weep and say love is not. You may rage. You may
stab love with a dozen knives, but love remains love. You can shoot it, you
can stomp on it, you can disguise it a million ways. What you do affects
your illusions. It affects how you feel, but love itself is affected not.
Love remains love. Whatever you feel in your heart, you cannot dissuade
love. You may flatten love out with a roller, and still love is love and not
diminished. You may take scissors and cut love into little pieces, yet love
is not affected. Love is always whole.
You can put your love in a box and bury it in the sand, but love is
love and will not remain buried.
It is love that holds court, beloved, not your fooling around with
You can take the clay of love and mold it into any shape you want,
and still it is clay. You can add different coloring to it, and whatever
color it may appear, the clay will still be clay.
If love were silver, you could tarnish it, but it would always
remain love.
Make all the noise you want, and love will not be stilled.
All the made-up horrors cannot eradicate love.
Deny love all you want, and it will not be denied.
Give up the fight, beloveds. You are love regardless of the lengths
you go to. Decide, once and for all, that you will cease trying to outdo
love. Concede. Give in. Surrender to love. It has gotten the best of you.
Your attempts to outrun love are defeated. You are love, and nothing, try as
you may, nothing will change it.

Copyright@ July 15, 2006

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