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Momtwocats, you subscribed to Heavenletters and signed up on message board on the same day! Fantastic.

You also sent me an email about how you found us. Hope you will post it here. Also tell us more about your own spiritual journey and more about YOU.

You may be sure I'm looking forward to reading your posts.

Thank you so much.

P.S. Do you really have only two cats?!!!

My hello and my note to Gloria

Gloria here again is the note I sent to you last evening or was that early early yesterday morning....

I used to belong to a group named Spiritually Speaking from Yahoo groups, until recently. I had always stored their messages in a folder and because I was getting way too much from that group, I had to leave. However, now I have the time to go through and read your messages and share them too (that is okay right?).

I own/manager a group on MSN that is meant to be morally supportive to persons who suffer from chronic illnesses and auto immune diseases and their friends and families and I am always looking to finding messages such as yours, to uplift their spirits too. I find that the more positive I feel, the better I feel health wise, even though I have a serious auto immune disease. Others tell me that I inspire them with my positive messages.

Sandra Riley is or was a member of the Spiritually Speaking group and it was her saved post that I kept and it had a link at the end of the message which I used to find your website.

Have a beautiful day and thank you again.

This is my link to my group that I have on MSN: