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[HeavenLetters Board HeavenlettersT Comments] New E-Book Ava

It is thanks to Kirt, Heaven’s webmaster, and Margaret, Heaven’s editor and proofreader, that we have the e-books. And gratitude to God, too, of course!
Jeff Keller is the subscriber who spurred this project on. Fourteen down, only six more to go!
Thanks also goes to all the people who wrote the forewords to the e-books. I learn something from each foreword.
Here’s an excerpt from the foreword to this e-book:
The four Keys to the Kingdom are to Desire above all else the unification with God, Intention, to focus my attention each day on being the natural extension of all that God is.  Allowance, to give over my life to God and Surrender of my identity, persona so completely that my consciousness becomes open to my union with all of creation.

"How piercing is My gaze on you now.  Yes, your eyes are drawn to Mine.  You cannot look away.  I am an ardent Lover, and I am Yours, and you are Mine.  Our entwinement is complete." 
Words direct from these wonderful messages - from HeavenLetters  -- "I am available, are you?"

In engaging these communications, you are entering into a sacred space.  As such the greatest benefit can be achieved by activating those Keys above. 

I would encourage you to use HeavenLetters in this manner..... Just take a moment before reading a word, decide consciously not to seek to acquire more knowledge, nor to better yourself nor bolster your wisdom, nor to be other than who you already are.  Pause gently, close the eyes, take three deep breaths, allow your desire for union to be felt, make firm the intention to connect, allow yourself the spaciousness and surrender to this holy interchange.  Now you are ready to drop into HeavenLetters to discover among these words only the vibration of Love, and to Remember.  All else will be given unto you.  Already now you are the love, that Flow, that God is and that You Are.

Love and Blessings to all those at Home in God, in HeavenLetters.
Raj,, Australia
Thanks, Raj.
With love and blessings, Gloria

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Hello everyone!

HeavenLetters' new E-book, In the Midst of So Much Brilliance Volume 14, is now available for download!

Blessings to you,

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