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HEAVEN #2031 Human Beings May 28, 2006

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HEAVEN #2031 Human Beings May 28, 2006

God said:

I wrapped the universe in a beautiful cloth. It is one cloth with the likeness of every one printed on it. You are printed on it. The cloth swirls, and you go with it. You are imprinted on the cloth that wraps around the universe, but you exist greater than your appearance on the cloth. The cloth holds a token of you, beloveds. Where you really are is in My heart.

Your photograph on the swirling cloth is faint, sometimes reversed, and, even so, you are part of this cascading universe. And yet you are so much more. The fabric is negligible next to the reality of you. The fabric is only the rolling out of material from an endless bolt

A reprint is only a reprint.

Only the original is the original. And there is only one original.
You began with Me.

And so you stream across the world, trying to get yourself together, wanting to find out who and what you are, and, meanwhile, you may dissemble.

If you purvey yourself as anything but the power of love that I made you, you are dissembling, for, beloveds, you are the high note the universe sings. If you play a lower note, you are disguising your voice. You will not find out your identity by playing the lower notes. Playing lower notes is playing false. You are King or Queen, not court jester.

You do not have to practice playing the high note of yourself. Simply stop playing the notes that are not yours.

In this world of Human Beings, you are learning to give and to receive until you know they are one simultaneous act. Leave a good word or a blessing in your wake wherever you travel. You do not know when a thought of blessing from you, even to a stranger, will save his life. You ignore your high note when you ignore another person. Everyone who appears before you or beside you or after you is looking for your blessing. You have a healing note to play.

Between turning away from another and looking him straight in the eye lies a great range. Make your life simple. Make the choice now to use your eyes only to look into everyone's eyes, your ears to listen to their hearts, your heart to warm theirs. Let not opportunities pass you by. Your thoughts are powerful in and of themselves, and yet you want to make your thoughts recognized. Everyone in the universe wants to be recognized by you. They want to be seen and heard and seen and heard by you.

Why ever would one such as you be hasty or discourteous to anyone, even if they are like that to you? Because someone in your journey plays a false note, all the more reason for you to play a true one. Don't be mislead by appearances, beloveds. Don't be blinded.

When you do not understand someone, seek to understand. You are not here to reform anyone. You are not here to educate anyone. You are not here to tell them what they are to think nor what they are to spend their time on. You are here simply to see into their eyes. This looking into someone's eyes is a great gift you will give. When you look into their eyes, you are looking into their heart.

When you look into their eyes, you are seeing Mine, and you are also seeing through Mine. There is one set of eyes to see, and they are Mine, and there is only One Being to look at, beloveds, and that is I, which is to say, your Self.

Copyright@ May 28, 2006

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