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HEAVEN #2030 Breathe, Beloveds May 27, 2006

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HEAVEN #2030 Breathe, Beloveds May 27, 2006

God said:

Beloveds, don't worry so much about all you have to do. Be gentle with yourself. You are the one who pressures yourself. Even if a hundred people put pressure on you, you are the one who accepts the pressure and assumes a role that is not yours. Pressure is not yours. Pressure keeps you down. It doesn't help you forge ahead. Have pleasure rather than pressure. Have peace. Hold hands with yourself.

Lie down on a hill, look up at the sky, and chew grass for a while.
Or let it be a rainy day where you sit in a chair and read a book. What is wrong exactly with your relaxing? Who said you have to huff and puff all the time? You are not a train engine. Of course, there isn't anything you can't accomplish, so then, accomplish relaxation. Breathe, beloveds.

May you be an oasis. Be liquid. Shade yourself with palm trees.
Welcome the caravans of life. Do you like the image of yourself as an oasis more than the image of yourself as a chugging train?

Or be the still water of a bubbling brook. Or be the shores of the brook. Be a haven for yourself.

Who told you to be a taskmaster? Or a martinet?

If you are a drummer, you don't have to beat the drums all the time.
Remember there is silence between beats. Remember the silence.

When life in the world gets too much for you, laugh. What else is there really to do? You can feel frazzled if you want, but why would you want to? Laugh instead. Form a smile. Be a kind counterpart to yourself.
Nurture yourself. Soothe your brow.

Even if you are in a barrel rolling down Niagara Falls, agitation is to be let go of. Even in the middle of tumult, you do not have to be tumultuous. Carry peace with you. It's there. Imagine applying a balm of peace to your skin as you would sun cream at the beach. Treat yourself to a spa within your mind. It is there. Find it now.

Harbor the thought: Peace be with you. Let peace be a refrain that goes through your mind like a ditty that won't stop playing itself over and over in your head. Peace is with you. It is within you. Sort out your thoughts. Dispel the other ones. Keep peace. Spread a divan for it. Strew flowers. Rent your mind to peace. Write a lease. Let peace be your byword.

Let agitation and aggravation go where old thoughts go. Put them out to pasture. Picture them as old nags in a corral, and walk away from the corral. Ride out on the plain on a white horse of peace.

Imagine a round up of all the other steeds of peace.

imagine yourself as a student who is free to take only the courses he wants.

Imagine yourself as a teacher who teaches only Truth, and you will teach love, and you will teach peace by your frame of mind.

Picture yourself on a picture post card. Send greetings to yourself.

Imagine your life as delicious ice cream going down your throat.

Imagine yourself swimming in calm waters.

Imagine yourself ambling through life with Me at your side. Then you will imagine Truth, for I am by your side. Let Me take franticness and frenzy away from you. Let Me give you a cup of cooling water. Let Me lead you by still waters and green pastures. Let Me shine the sunlight on you.
Beloveds, listen to the rustling leaves in the trees and the birds who sing in the trees and the breeze that stirs the trees ever so gently, and imagine
that you and I are One.

Copyright@ May 27, 2006

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