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HEAVEN #2018 The Imprint of Love May 15, 2006

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HEAVEN #2018 The Imprint of Love May 15, 2006

God said:

When all is said and done, nothing matters, beloved. Everything matters, and nothing matters at all. It is all vapor. It is all steam rising.

You matter very much. All that transpires doesn't.

All the cross words said have vanished.

All the actions have vanished.

All the stories have been told.

All that is left is all that you started with, and all that you ever had, and that is love. The wheel the universe revolves on is love. It is the love beyond the wheels that matters.

Love has become matter. That's what the world is, love made into matter.

Beloveds, all the atoms are love. There is nothing else they can be.
Love can appear to be dented, but that is all appearance. Love itself doesn't have a scratch on it. Appearances are appearances, no more than that.

Where has love gone, you often ask. Love has gone nowhere. It is exactly and fully where it has always been, and that is everywhere, your heart included.

Love is second to none. Love is all, and all is love.

Love is the Prime Mover. And all are moved. Love is the greatest stillness there is, and yet it doesn't stay still.

Your heart is Mount Vesuvius ready to erupt with love.

Your heart is Niagara Falls.

Your heart is paramount.

I bless the Earth with you, and I bless you with the Earth.

Centrifugal is the force of love.

The night sky rolls its eyes with love and sparkles lovelight upon you.

The one-eyed Sun peers at you and enters your heart. The golden love will not leave you alone. It will get your attention. It will sear your heart and seal it with love. You can spurn love no longer. You will not even attempt it.

When you kneel to love, you rise to your full height.

Full sunlight burns ego away, and ego will not come back another day.

You can forsake everything but love. You can erase love from memory but not from your heart. And whatever you do, wherever you go, whatever you may think, you will leave the imprint of love.

Love is the only marker in the world.

Since love is, and is what everything is made of, why not embrace love now and forevermore? Why not be what you are once and for all? Do this, and watch the lines fade from your face. Do this, and watch your eyes brighten. Watch the entire world rise to Heaven, carrying you with it. Or are you carrying the world to Heaven? Does it matter? Who cares who has the credit. Who cares who is first. Never mind all that. Let's jump on to this parade to Heaven. This is the crusade of My heart, that you may join Me and bring all along with you. Right now, beloveds, right now march up to the nonexistent gate of Heaven and walk right in. Then all will be Heaven. There will be no other places, just as there is nothing but love, and simply you and I.

Copyright@ May 15, 2006

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re: The Imprint of Love

Each time I come here to say my thanks I'm amazed that there aren't tens if not hundreds or thousands of replies...well, perhaps thousands would be too much...perhaps it's not about the replies, though its nice to hear how one has been touched...and believe me i know it so much, am familiar with the "I may not have called nor written but you were always in my heart and mind"...anyway, this isn't meant to label, to laden with some undue burden or responsibility to get back to in's just...that these letters, oh these wonderful letters are worth more than a million dollars being dropped in our laps every single day for the rest of our lives...and yet here they are dropped in our laps, upon our hearts, written for our eyes that we may summize <------(i know that's a word but can't find it in the dictionary or shall i just chalk it up to poetic liscense?) our complete and utter worthiness realized...perhaps the thanks and replies are in how we let it all in that we may let our love out to all...perhaps this pleases God and Gloria the most...I'm sure it is as so :) what love...such Grace...that emmanates from this Holy Place...Blessings, mike:)