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HEAVEN #2012 How to Change Your Life May 9, 2006

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HEAVEN #2012 How to Change Your Life May 9, 2006

God said:

Be vulnerable to love and nothing else.

What you look for, you will see.

Be not open to hurt and all the feelings you do not want. Simply do not welcome them. Welcome love.

Let love be the face you look for in a crowd. Set yourself up ahead of time so that you will greet the world with love. No matter what show the world is putting on at any moment, you are to be an instrument of love. Be a flute in the world and make beautiful music. Be not a tin can that makes tinny music. Be not a record player that can only play what is put on it. Be an original soul, beloved. Let My heart speak for you. Let My heart speak through yours.

Your heart was given to you for love, and love alone. It was not given to you for ache or dismalness or fiery anger. It was not given to you to be sold out to anything less than love.

I am not talking about control, beloveds. I am not talking about pretense. What I am talking about is intention. What if you intended today to be calmness in the storm? Perhaps you have intended other things, like sticking up for yourself, like being heard, like setting the record straight, like letting everyone know your impatience, like thinking of evening the score. Why think of these things when you can intend higher?

You keep saying you would like to change your life. I am telling you how. With the intention of your thoughts, you will change the whole formulation of your life, and, in so doing, you will crank the world up a notch as well.

Perhaps if you thought of giving back more to the world, you would turn the world upset down and shake out all the small change.

There is magnificence in this world. Think about that for a change.

There is indescribable beauty in the world, have you forgotten?

And you were sent to Earth to show what love is. That is your purpose. That is your birthright. Not just to show love but to radiate it.
To reveal the love that you actually are. You may have to reveal it to yourself first. Heretofore, you may have overlooked that you are a Being of love. You were not sent to inflame Earth. You were sent to love it. I did not send unloving Beings to love Earth. I sent loving Beings. I sent you.

I know you are on the side of love. Then go all the way, beloveds.
No more half-measures. A little candle in a corner will no longer do. You are the sun rising in the east. Be not timid about shining your light.

In the middle of conflagration, you can do and say surprising things. Surprise everyone. Surprise yourself. You will not surprise Me.

I sent you to Earth to represent Me. I did not send you to represent yourself, your little self that is buffeted back and forth by the littlest breeze. Will you accept that you are My representative on Earth? Perhaps you need to sign an agreement with Me, not in blood, but in ego. Perhaps you need to foreswear your ego, and hold our pact high above the tide waters.

Perhaps I need your help. Because I am God does not mean you have no say.

You are not drifting flotsam. You are at the prow of a great ship, and you part the Red Sea. When fear and anger exist, part them into streams of love so that all may cross. Do you think I ask too much?

I have armed you with love and many comrades to join with you. Will you march today?

Copyright@ May 9, 2006

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