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welcome matte.lodz

Welcome matte.lodz!
Ahhh...heaven is the place to be--Heavenletters, that is! Here, we share all we have in our hearts, but most of all we share the love of God, who is present in each & every heart & soul that finds its way here. We already know this about you, & hope you will see in time that it is true not only for you & us, but for all God's children. He leaves no one out!
Write us, & share your heart . We would love to hear all about you.
Jennine & the group

welcome matte.lodz

Thank you for such a warm greetings. It's a great place full of enlightened and what's even more important smiled, happy and full of self love, self acceptance which moves us to brotherly love.

Right know i am getting packed - i will spend may holidays close to the mountains, being in this place of earth which is naturally closer to heaven, and as always my goal is to calm down, and live slower ( i need to change goal because i have never lived as slowly-freely... )

Even walking very slow gives the opportunity to see the world as i is, and share love and energy ( as i belive and feel it/her ) with anyone in this place, in this world. And observing is great to. Adult people can surprise us just the same as the kids do, it really is the matter of observing.

Another thing is the world as people created it, the habits, the civilization... that is something i like to observe. Why is it so? Why is he running? Why so many cars? You can give even better example.... Wonder for a second why do the people look at glass case in the shop not seeing deep blue sky... .

Each world has vibration, and in polish "why" is spelled "DLACZEGO". In this case our language does better job. It is very important, and beautiful due the essence of it.

I can't concentrate on this post - time says i have got to go. The mountains full of wisdom, love, the oldest creation of god i can see are waiting for me. They are the miracle. When i come back i promise i will write longer posts and i will try to share the photos.

Wish you had holidays at the begining of May...

Take care. Live, observe and say "dlaczego" from time to time. This word leads to another one "love"

With love