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Thank You

Once again
God comes through in the clutch
To let us know
We are loved
Oh so much
And that we are Love
And not to depend upon response so much
Or at all
Not to fall back on our crutch
Cause we're here for a higher call
To Be
Instead of seek
The Glory of our All
And like God says
How can we Be the Light
When we take offense to a fight
Or a non-reply
Thinking we must respond in kind
Yes we must
Respond in Kind
But our response comes from the fact
That God
Created us alive, As Life,
And not to react
To some seeming external slight
"I come that you may have life more abundantly
I come that you may Know your life abundant
That you may Know that to Have and to Be are One in the same
And this sharing is True Abundance
Is Truth
Aware of its Light"
Thank you God and Gloria
Thank you All
For we are all teachers and students
Learning from and teaching of
A selfsame call

Oh so beautiful and wise poetry

You know, the poetry on this forum belongs in anthologies. Very powerful.

And, yes, Michael, who is the student, and who is the teacher? Impossible to tell apart.

Blessings and love,


Re: Anthology

Gloria, I would be more than happy for you to use anything I post here for an anthology...I love everything I've read on this site and would love to add to some literary work and one day intend on publishing some "works" as well...and as soon as I act on it instead of intend on it then it'll happen...but in the meantime, I am to feel the completion of each and every breath and step, When and Where God is with us, God IS us...blessings, and the happiest of Easters to you and all...michael:)