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My responce to Heaven letter 1981.

Hey everybody.

We are almost at Heavenletter 2000.
Let's celebrate together somehow.
What shall we do?

I really do like today's HONESTY OF SPIRIT.

Let's stop pretending, shall we?
Let's never give the lie to our feelings
by trying to hide them. We know conceiling is deceiving,
in a way. Can you imagine how much damage that does?
Maybe we don't notice it when we do it.

When we acknowledge our feelings we feel better.
We're going to have them, anyway, don't you know?
No one else will validate them, justify them, approve of them, or even admit they notice them most of the time. But I feel them. I am aware of them. I stay awake while everyone else sleeps because my feelings are hurt.

Is that my fault when that's what I was taught?
No. Decisively, decidedly, No! It is not.
There's no way. That's not possible.

But I can choose to change and act responsibly.

I can and will work for change ("reform," Yogi Ji)
for now on.

Thanks so much Gloria.

John Stefan Riccio