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"How Are You Doing?"
Kryon through Lee Carroll

Newport Beach, California, 4 December 2005

From April 2006 SEDONA Journal of EMERGENCE -

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of magnetic service. This is a
sweet place, made sweet by the family before me. Could God really be
talking? [Speaking of the message being given.] God speaks every
time you have a beautiful thought. Did you know that? How divine are
you? The answer is that there is more divinity in your DNA than not,
but you don't know that. All of those invisible layers of DNA that
my partner speaks of will have more explanation as time goes on. You
deserve to know the whole story, even if it is very esoteric.

Let us speak of your angelic self, of the mastery inside.
There are so many who would question this very premise.
They would wish to ask, "If that were so, then why are we
even here? What's the deal?" They would say, "Kryon, you
say we're more angelic than we are Human, yet we have a
duality that hides it all. We come and we go, and there's so
much sorrow, so much pain. This doesn't make sense. Are
we angelic beings? If so, then what are we doing here?"

So many Humans stand before me and say, "Why me?
What can I do to change this dark place? What's it all for?"
It's time to use your intuition. We again ask you: Are you
eternal? Examine this question and you'll know the answer.
Indeed you are, and you know it intuitively. Look inside.
When you've breathed your last breath on this planet, do you
think that's all there is? Does it make sense that you would
have such a spiritual passion and then suddenly cease to exist
in the blink of an eye?

Can you not feel who stands around you now? When
physicists tell you about multidimensionality, where distance
and time are irrelevant, what is that all that about? What
does it mean? Could it be that physics is becoming mathbased
philosophy? And the answer is that there is much
divinity surging through your cellular structure, yet it is hidden
until discovered activated through self-discovery.


Yaw-ee is in the audience! [Speaking of Dr. Todd Ovokaitys,
an M.D. researcher who often travels with the Kryon team.] Do
you know what he's really discovered? He's discovered how to
"tickle" the DNA enough to awaken the angelic energy in a
certain area. Then it does the work by itself! Do you ever wonder
how true spiritual healing is accomplished? Do you ever
wonder about the process when you start to engage in your own
self-healing? Many of you work so hard at it. Some of you
screw up your face and you try so hard! You repeat phrases and
make interesting gestures. You say, "I'm going to heal myself, so
what words do I use? What energies do I use? What emotions
are needed? What shall I do?" You have no idea.

Go back to the basics and just be quiet. Know who you are.
All you have to do is open the door and discover that you and
God are one, a divine partnership. Let the angel who you are,
who is responding to eleven other layers of DNA, heal just the
one that needs it, the one you can see [the Human genome].
It's not that hard. Yet you make it harder than it is. "It's so
profound," you often say, "that it must be accompanied by ritual,
worship, perhaps even some sacrifice?"

Let me tell you something, dear Human: You already
made the sacrifice by coming here. Did you think of that?
The ritual? It's birth! The mantra? It's I am that I Am.
What we are saying is that it's time you discovered who you
are and how these things work. There are those who have
come for a healing tonight and didn't even know it as they
came in. So we're going to say this: Why don't you give permission
to say to yourself, "It's well with my soul"?

What condition are you in? What is your situation right
now? Do you like it? Some will say, "No, Kryon, I don't like
it. I came here tonight to get out of it. That's why I'm here.
I'm going to find some way of getting out of it." I'll give you
the way: Just stand before Spirit and say, "It is well with my
soul." This is you telling Spirit that all that is within your
body is divine and that regardless of your fear and your pain
and your suffering, you're saying that it's okay. Because you
know who you are! And so do we, angel.

Many have said, "Kryon, it is the holiday season. It is the
time when we sing about peace on Earth and goodwill toward
man. But right now, we don't have either! And we are tired;
we are afraid. It doesn't look like any of the things that we
want and have been visualizing are happening." Indeed, I
wish to address that. Before you leave this room, you'll know
how Spirit sees how you're doing, and you can compare it to
the Human view.


Let me first remind you of the lineage of what has happened
on the planet due to your energy. To do this, you've
got to go back with me to the year 1987. I remind you of the
Harmonic Convergence. It was a beautiful time, the year
1987, and a time specifically targeted when, at a higher level,
your higher selves would be
asked: Do you want to go
forward with the energy that
you have developed for the
past thousand years, or do you wish to change it and move into
another energy entirely?
Do you wish a new dispensation defined as a new energy
layer over the planet and a new future? All of you said, at a
higher level, "We want to move forward."

Some might say, "Well, this is very interesting, but it cannot
be proven and we don't know anything about this, since
it happened at an etheric level." So we say, let what followed
after that be your proof, for this is the core of what everything
is truly about at the moment. In 1992 many of you celebrated
this 1987 energy as the 11:11 energy. All these 11s!
You chose the numbers, remember? [Smiles.] Now, many of
you even see this on your clocks, don't you? It's more than
coincidence, isn't it? Why would this be? It's a celebration of
this new dispensation!

Every time you see that configuration on your clock, dear
Human Being, I want you to say, "Thank you, Spirit." It is a
reminder of who you are, Human Being, and why you are
here. If there ever was a reminder of your goal on the planet,
it is when you look at the clock accidentally and it reads
11:11. Did you ever notice that you didn't look at the clock
accidentally and see 11:12 or 11:10? That's because that
angel who taps you on the shoulder waits until 11:11 and
then says, "Look now!" [Laughter.] How does that feel to
you? It's way out of the chance of reality, isn't it, that you
would see it so often?

The number 11, in numerological terms, means "appropriate
spiritual action." It is a master number. Not coincidentally,
it is also two 1s next to each other. The number 1
means "new beginnings." The energy around 11:11 is therefore
a master number that means, "the beginning of appropriate
spiritual action on the planet." Yet some of you have
missed that entirely.


Some of you believe it's the end times and that it's awful.
Well, it isn't either one! Oh, I want to take you back again
to the wind of birth. You were there. I was there. It was
right before you committed to your actual biological Human
birth. What a place this is so awesome a commitment, so
beautiful a time! I was there, angel. I saw your face, your
energy; I saw the resolve, the commitment . . . more than
commitment. I saw the colors of your passion and desire
regarding this planet. I saw you express your love for Gaia.
Then you teetered on the edge of being thrust into the
planet's energy, accepting Humanism and the canal of birth.
You knew what was ahead. Think of what you had to go
through to arrive at this day, this hour when this message is
being given to you. I was there!

And I want to again remind you that most of you were
born during a time of old energy, before the year 1987. And if
that's you, it means that you knew full well that when you
came into the Earth, the energy you would be presented with
would be old and stagnant and about to end in 1999 to 2001.
All the prophecies said so. All of your scriptures pointed to
the Armageddon, to the various things that would end life as
you knew it. If you read the scriptures, they told you that the
issues would start in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Israel and they did, right on schedule.
And I've said this to you before. Why? Why would you come
in at that time, knowing this? And I'll tell you why: Because
you knew that you could change it! And you wonder why
you're here? How could you wonder?

Of all of the lifetimes you have ever lived on this planet,
this is the one that will make the difference. This is the one
you prayed for to discover who you are and make a difference.
And some of you will say, "It's too late. I have a broken body.
I am not up to par to do these things. I'm too old; I'm too
ignorant." So do you wish to complain about it or change it?
Maybe that's why you sit in the chair right now, lightworker.
Did you see what my partner presented today about the scientist
who discovered that your DNA actually has a field
around it that changes matter? And that when the matter
changes, it stays changed? Did you see that? That's power!
And you wonder what you're doing here! Start connecting
the dots, as my partner says.


Did any of you notice the other numerological events?
Did you put it together that the 9 is important? It means
"completion," you know. You put the 9s and the 11s
together, and they start adding up to things that maybe you
didn't realize. The Soviet Union was responsible for part of
the prophecy that would bring about the end of the planet.
They and the U.S. and China all together had a scenario, a
game to play, you might say, all centered around the trouble
with Israel. And this game has names like Warsaw Pact and
NATO. It was going to be the war to end wars, and the
prophets all saw it. But did you notice that none of that happened?
Even with all the prophecy? Because one year after
the Harmonic Convergence, the Soviet Union fell over!
This monster political system, one of the greatest powers on
the planet, just evaporated! And I say to you, go find that in
your scripture. You won't. Because in 1987, you turned a
corner and changed the reality of this planet metaphysically
and physically, and no prophet saw it coming. And again,
who is it that did this? It was you.

All manner of things have happened since 1987. Did any
of you put together the numerology for the symbol of the
division between East and West? A famous wall had to crumble,
what you called the Berlin Wall. The date that it was
pulled over by both sides was November 9, 1989. The day
was 11:9! And if you numerologically add 11 plus 9 plus
1989, you'll get 11! It's everywhere, you know? It is the
"number of the age." And, believe it or not, it will lead to
peace on Earth if you can get out of your disbelief and discover
why you are here.

Who would have thought, dear American Human Being,
that when you suffered through the horror of what you now
call the 9:11 experience, it would be a focus point of your
new energy? And, my dear Human, who among you had the
courage to see it and say, "It is well with my soul"? Did you
dare? We're going to talk more about this.

You're on a track that you have put together, a track that's
going to change the fabric of civilization and everything
around it. Some months ago, my partner took me to what
you call the United Nations. I spoke and I said these words
to them: "What you call the 9:11, which was not in any
prophecy, will change two full generations of life on Earth.
America was the only country that could do anything about
it because it is all powerful and there is no opposition. This
was the plan." We told them that they may not like the politics
of it, and indeed, who here wants death and war? But
sometimes these kinds of things are what Spirit uses to create
massive change on the planet. There's only one country on
Earth who has the ability to stick a big stick in the middle of
the Middle East and stir it vigorously, and that's you, and you
did. [Speaking to the Americans again.]

Oh, we've answered so many questions about the wars and
about politics! However, history will show that this one
thing alone changed everything in order to lead up to the
energy of 2012. If it had not been for your reaction to 9:11
[the Iraq war], there would have been portions of this planet
that would have stayed in the old energy for another thousand
years! And that's not what you chose when you came
here. You are responsible for all these things, even if you
don't agree with them and don't feel you had anything to do
with them.


Now, how do you think you're doing? Have you seen your
news lately? It doesn't look good, does it? Many have asked,
"Kryon, why is there so much more hate today than there was
when I was born?" and "Kryon, why is it that we seem to be
headed for the abyss and blackness?"

Some of you went through a golden age called the fifties.
It was nothing like the energy of today. It was the end of war
and you'd seen enough, so you celebrated peace and prosperity.
You say, "There was none of this hate back then." Well,
let me tell you something: It was all there, but there was just
no illumination to show it. Suddenly you get a generation of
lightworkers who strike their light, and it exposes the
unthinkable, the things that have always been there but hiding.
We also told you before that what you changed was the
light quotient on the planet [the ratio of light-to-dark]. You
didn't create any more hate; it was always there. Instead you
created a situation that demanded a solution for Humanity.
And that solution is called peace on Earth.

Did you ever think about that? How are you doing? Some
would answer, "We're not doing well, Kryon. We sing about
peace on Earth and goodwill to man. But how can we sing
the tunes when we don't have either one? It's getting worse,
not better." That's what we hear from Humanity. Now I'm
going to give you the rest of the story.

First of all, here is something we said earlier: You have
no idea what's going on. There are things percolating
underneath the news that you will never hear about,
because it is not going to be reported. "Where have the
heroes gone?" you might ask. "And when will we receive
them?" My answer is, soon enough. Can you celebrate the
unseen? Can you know that underneath all of the turmoil
and all of the hatred you see, there is something else going
on that might very well bring about situations you can't
even dream of?


Perhaps the dream is wisdom that goes beyond what anyone
has ever seen in his or her lifetime. We told you that
there would be a battle, and there is! Is this news to you? We
told you that there would be a battle between the old and the
new, and here it is. But many of you are crying, "Woe is me."
Yet we told you that it's all part of the 11 energy. We told you
that there would be weather changes. Have you seen any?
[Laughter.] It cannot be a shock. It cannot be a surprise. We
told you that there would be severe weather; we told you that
some of the places that grow your crops wouldn't be able to
grow them anymore, and that was seventeen years ago.

"Kryon, why would such a thing accompany spiritual
growth and lead to peace on Earth? It doesn't seem related."
We have been asked this before, and we still say that this is
the way God has always done it. Don't you understand that
your consciousness affects Gaia? The Earth is in shift because
of what you have decided for your future. You cannot have a
consciousness shift of this quality on the planet and not affect
the elements that are here. One cannot be without the
other, but you separate them in your perception.

"Well, Kryon, we don't like it." You're not expected to
like it, because you have a heart that's built to be compassionate.
Some of you have said, "We don't understand the
reasons for the terrible hurricane Katrina. We don't understand
the earthquakes that have happened recently." You
won't understand the ones coming up next either. It's all part
of the reaction from Gaia. Some of you have said, "And
what purpose can it serve to have that many souls leave
overnight?" Last year at this time, during the holiday season,
the Earth shifted underneath the ocean in a greater way than
at any time in your lifetime. The result created a tsunami.
So great was this shift for the planet that the actual rotation
of this planet changed. Did you see this perhaps as a spiritual
event? Or did you look at the horror and the sorrow and fear
and wonder where God was in all this?

Human Beings have compassion. They're built that way.
What possible good could it do to have this horrible event?
Your news has said that up to 200,000 individuals lost their
lives at that juncture. I will tell you, that is incorrect. It's
283,000; that's the real number. But many are crying out and
asking "Why?" Let me remind you of some questions we
have asked before. Do you think death is the end? Is it the
horror of horrors? Is it the sorrow beyond sorrows? Or is it a
Human transition that the planet needs and plans for? Is it
well with your soul over these things?

Oh, you can cry your heart out and you can be as compassionate
as you wish. I'm not asking about that. I'm not asking
if your heart hurts, because we know the answer to that. I want
to know about your soul, angel. Can you get above it all and
say, "This is part of spiritual shift"? Can you say, "I would have
given what they gave"? Can you say that, lightworker? Every
single one of those Human Beings had the tsunami potential
when they came into the planet. At the wind of birth, I looked
in their eyes and I said: This is what you might do for the
planet. There is a potential that you might come and go
quickly and be part of an event that history will talk about
And they all said, "We're ready! Let's go and do it!"

We ask you this last time: Do you understand what their
spiritual sacrifice did for this planet? It created a wave of
compassion that this Earth has never seen before. A compassion
wave! What you learned today about Human emotion
and DNA will coordinate with this. I tell you that this compassion
energy went into the planet, and it stayed there. Did
you ever think of that? Did you ever think that something so
awful as what you call the tsunami could have been a giant
catalyst for peace on Earth? Well, it was and it is! It's all part
of the 9 and 11 energies that you agreed upon. How does
that sit with you, dear Human Being? Is it well with your
soul? Well, maybe not your heart, but what about your soul?
Can you get above it and understand the bigger picture? And
again we say that if you could talk to these ones now, they're
fine! They made the transition and are well. We've said this
before. You've got thousands of smiling faces on the other
side of the veil. Many of them, by the way, have already
returned. Did you know that? So many of them! That is
how fast the energy is shifting.


What about the polarization we spoke of? Are you
shocked that your politics has changed so greatly? Are you
shocked when you watch television and there's so much
polarization between opinions, so much yelling, so much
hate? Well, do you remember that we told you that this exact
thing would happen? "Why would that be?" you might ask.
"What purpose is served by this? Why would it occur this
way, this polarity division?" All Humanity will be involved
before it's over, and at some level everyone will have to make
a choice. You cannot have fence sitters any longer. Even
those who sit back and say, "I don't care one way or the
other," will eventually change too. All will care when they
see the profundity of what is happening. It's about the future
of Humanity, and it's too important to sit it out.

That's what peace on Earth is about. How are you doing?
I'll tell you, Human Beings. You are closer to this goal than
you've ever been. It may get worse before it gets better in
your perception, in your reality. But if you see that, I challenge
you now: Can you stand up and say, "It is well with my
soul"? If you can, that's courage. That's what the soldiers do
in battle. They armor themselves. Frightened they are, going
to meet the enemy. And we told you there'd be a battle
between the old energy and the new energy. We told you
that you are the warriors of this new energy and that you
carry the light. Some of you are afraid now, some of you are
in this battle and some of you don't understand it at all.


The overview? You're winning and you don't even know
it. We've had lightworkers say, "Take me out of this!" They
see only what 4D shows them. Can you get above it? Can
you take on the mantle of the masters, who are all here and
have returned for this event? I'll ask you some questions that
may help your perception: What do you think 1987 and the
11:11 was really about? Do you have any idea that all of the
masters on this planet who had shown you their mastery in
the various cultures and had said they were coming back at a
certain time might be connected to the 11:11?

Celebrate the 11:11! It represents new beginnings. The
masters have returned all of them, every single one. They
are part of this new energy, part of Gaia, part of the compassion
of the planet. I'll tell you that this return was one of the
major attributes that took place, yet most of you didn't even
know it happened.

There has never been a greater time for you to claim the
power that you have as a lightworker. Do you understand?
This is a new age of energy. This dispensation you are in is
one that will finally decide civilization itself where it is
going and what is going to happen. The spiritual rage we
told you about that you're seeing now has always been there.
It has been there for fifty years or more. It was there when
many of you were small and saw only beautiful things, yet it
was there. The Earth hasn't really changed that much. The
only thing that has changed is that the lightworkers came
along and exposed the hatred. Why do you think we wash
your feet? What kind of a situation exists when we send you
into a battle, then cover you with a duality so strong that
you don't even know why you're in it? It's called the challenge
of Earth, and you all agreed to participate. That's why
we wash your feet.

It's only when you start opening that ascension channel
[speaking of self-discovery] and you get above it all that you
start to be filled with spiritual purpose. That's when you
begin to develop another perception of who you are and what
you're doing here. Then you'll say, "Oh, I see!" Then, when
you take your last breath and suddenly you are with us again,
one of the first things you will say to me and the others in the
entourage is, "How did we do?" And I'll tell you what I say to
all of those who are asking me that question even now as they
make their transitions: I say, "Bless you, for your light was
valuable and it's still on the Earth and will stay there. You're
making it happen!"

How are you doing? You're winning the battle of the
light. But you don't know it. Oh, don't despair. You've got
to trust me on this one. There are things being developed
that you have given permission for but that have not yet
shown themselves.


And the big one? Have you really put it together yet?
The big one? What is the distance in years between 1987
and 2012? It's twenty-five years. It's the children, dear ones.
That's what's percolating under the veil of a challenging
time. That's what's being developed. A generation of children
who will change the face of the Earth is slowly coming
of age. The children began coming in even before 1987,
since the potential was always there that you would make this
shift. Permission was given for them all to be of the Indigo
vibration. Eventually, up to the year 2012, you will no longer
see them as odd, since they will be the majority.

Some have called 2012 the end of time, but it is not. It's
the end of an old time and the beginning of a new time.
Twenty-five years, a generation in your language, is the distance
between 1987 and 2012. This is designed for the children.
So many have been afraid of 2012, yet it is seemingly
around the corner. What's going on? What will the children
do? Why are they so different? Why did we channel this to
you many years ago? We told you that there would be new
children on this planet who are very different and who have
a consciousness that is so different that it would challenge
parenting and schooling worldwide. Why would this be the
case? Why would you have allowed it?

The answer is, spiritual evolution. You are seeing it before
your eyes, yet the "child experts" all deny it. What are these
new children here for? I will tell you, dear Human Being.
They're here to facilitate peace on Earth. Have you put this
together yet? Why would we give you a new kind of spiritual
Human Being if you were headed for extinction and termination?
How are you doing? Spectacular! That's how you're
doing! In the trenches of warfare, it's hard to tell a soldier he is
winning as the bombs are bursting around him. In your case,
the bombs that burst around you are your media and your news
and this four-dimensional reality that you stick to and call your
own. You can't see the other dimensions, can't see beyond
your own, can't see the colors, can't see the grandness or the
hand of the love of God that comes and stirs these things.


We told you that eventually, a bridge of swords would be
created. How many of you can remember these words "a
bridge of swords" that we spoke of so long ago? I want you
to remember this, because we're going to tell you what it
"It sounds like war, Kryon. You said there would be
a bridge of swords. You said that the energies would pull
apart and the chasm would open and the bridge of swords
would be created between the two energies." Indeed, it
sounds like war, doesn't it?

There's that "sword" word again. It's a weapon, isn't it?
No. It's a metaphor, and I will give you what it means. This
was prophecy that we gave to you so many years ago, and now
we explain it yet again for those of you who need to hear it so
you'll know how you're really doing. The "bridge of swords"
is what we called it. How many of you have attended a
union, which you call a wedding, in a situation where warriors
get married to their brides? How do they celebrate this
union? Their friends take the swords of battle and cross them
in the air. Then these "unioned" individuals walk under the
swords, which are like a bridge above them. Do you understand
what I'm telling you? It's not a war at all, and those
swords are not being used in battle. They're being used in
celebration of a union between the old and the new and
that is called the New Jerusalem; it's a phrase that means
peace on Earth. The bridge of swords is here and it's being
assembled, yet you can't see it and your news media won't
report it. Why? Because they don't want to lose your interest!
Because it's good news! But eventually you'll see it too.

So where is your heart, lightworker? Is it in despair? Do
you like what your country is doing or not? It doesn't matter
at the level we are speaking of. What matters instead is this:
Can you say at a higher level, "I understand the appropriateness
of all things as we march toward the bridge of swords"?
More and more Humans every day are beginning to join this
battle with an energy that is commensurate with this philosophy,
and what they want to see is a peaceful civilization on
the planet, and they're going to give their energies toward
this. This is the bridge of swords.

How are you doing? I would love to wash your feet right
now, even in these closing moments. I want you to go from
this place and remember the words given tonight. It is well
here! On target, warrior! We have told you so many times in
sweet moments like this just how much you mean to us.


You want to know what's going on on Earth? You want to
really know what's going on here? I'll tell you: This battle
that you are fighting and the energies from it are going to be
applied to a much larger situation in the future. When you're
not here, when you are on the other side of the veil, you
know what that scenario is. It is one of the biggest secrets of
the universe kept from a Human Being. It's never uttered.
The actual name of it is never known by you, yet it is the
biggest subject for all of us. It is not in your psyche, not in
your consciousness, not even hidden in your DNA. The
information is "protected" from your thoughts. Yet when you
come to the other side of the veil, it has a grand name and it
is all you talk about!

What happens on this planet will change something far
larger. It's part of a grander plan, and it's something you all
set up along with us. It's meaningful. It's spiritual. It's
and up until 1987, we thought the end of the test would
be at hand. You were finished and there would be no more
Earth. But none of your biblical prophecy happened, did it?
This old prophecy falls on the floor, doesn't it? It's no longer
valid. The time has passed for its manifestation, and even
the political players who would have created it are missing.
And here you are creating a new future, yet you don't necessarily
see what we see.

How many of you can celebrate? Why not celebrate your
cellular structure? How many of you can stand and say, "Not
only am I eternal, but I'm here at the right place and at the
right time." Not many of you are yet willing to see this. Some
of you say, "I'm so insignificant. Nobody even knows me. I
haven't written any books; I'm not featured in any magazines.
Nobody knows me." And I will say, dear Human Being, I
know you! And the entourage who is here knows you! You
are as powerful as anyone who is known. Your light is just as
bright as any in the room here. Do not apply Human cultural
perceptions and judgments regarding your strength, master.
Angel, Human Being, that's why we wash your feet. So much
is hidden, yet so much has been accomplished!

We are enamored by the Human Beings who would go
through this willingly for something that is far larger than
they themselves and has to do with love. Peace on Earth is
not only possible but entirely probable! You are changing the
planet in ways that you cannot see but we can.


Watch for two things. The timing of these I cannot give
you, for this is up to you and your free choice. Call this a
prophecy if you wish, but it will happen only if you follow the
energy of potential that is here as we speak. Watch for two
things politically on this planet: (1) soft revolutions you can
define this term in any way you wish. There will be soft revolutions
in two important countries: one is China, the other is
Iran. And they are going to trigger a change of consciousness,
against all odds, an alignment for peace with the rest of you.
Watch for it. It's inevitable if you stay on this track. (2) Then
there's the big one: a change in the Middle East, in Israel, right
in Jerusalem. Watch for this the unexpected. Eventually,
you'll see a young person arise whom we have spoken of before.

It's happening, but in a way that is hidden for now. Can
you celebrate with me even though you can't yet see it?
That's what's really happening. You can't see it on your news,
but it's there. Can you say, "It's well with my soul"?

Finally, we say to you this night that every single one of
you is designed to stay here. You've got mastery in your
veins, ready to be activated. It has to be free choice, you
know? You've got to do it yourself. No healer in the room is
going to create intent for you. That's the fairness of the test.
Each Human must do it for him- or herself. So what is your
decision? Will you start this inner search? Will you try to see
beyond the 4D perception of what you have been told?

Take this information and apply the mantle of it to your
spiritual selves this night. Let those in the entourage pour in
here now to an even greater extent than before. Let them
press upon your shoulders and make themselves known to
you. Some of you might be able to see the colors now [speaking
of Lee's invitation to see the colors around him]. Some of
you might even smell the existence of the extra entities here.
Let the miracles begin. If that's what it's going to take in your
life for you to believe it, then let it happen so that you can
get on with what you came here for. Let the healings begin
so you may remain here in a healthy body, creating the New
Jerusalem. That's what lightworkers do. That is why you're
here, and that is the truth. What we told you many years ago
has not changed. Our message remains the same, and it
exalts the Human Being. And so it is.