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The Beginning of Times

"End times"
Alternatively viewed
Is really the beginning of times
When thought of in a way that pursues the unskewed

As we look softly yet deeply
Into our selves
Into our world
Into the world

Seeing, not with judgment or regret
Nor despising
With some undue fret or upset
Certainly not seeing anything or anyone as a threat

But as we delve into our self
Into those inner, hidden feelings
So often kept under lock and key
Thinking that this would somehow make us free

From experiencing a similar theme
Again and again
We actually keep that which we want to release
To gather dust upon the shelves

Of our lives
Concealed, perhaps
But still there
Until We are to be revealed

Revealed not to be scorned
Rather, revealed to be adored and adorned
In this time of Now, on this plane of Wow
As we no longer refrain

From bringing the love that we Are
Yet we cannot fully do this
Until we acknowledge those parts
That we believe aren't

The end times of upset and lack
Will come about as we hold these aspects lovingly in our arms
Caressing them not from afar
But rocking them here, in the easy chair of peace

And this will be their, our, unconditional release
From habitual pain and dis-ease
Which will usher in a new time
A new beginning, sublime

Of abundance and joy and love
In which
We turn blue into Blue
In which any pain in any way in every way

Is healed
By coloring our world
With the beautiful hue
Of the loving Spirit residing within Me, within You