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The Essence of Life

Just as adults can be relaxed
In the midst of a child throwing a fit
So, too, is God at ease
And even more so, at that
As we act out being at the end of our wits
As we fitfully fear
And fearfully fight
For not in judgment does S/He sit

The child focuses in so tight
On who she thinks she is
On what he thinks he wants
That, to him or her
To them
Their world, is all there is
And yet we are able to observe
That the world is bigger than this

And that's not to say a child's issue isn't as important as our own
It's just that we see spilled milk or a broken toy for what it is
Spilled milk and a broken toy
The small stuff, fleetingly skipping upon something much more profound
And equally are our own hiccups and hesitations and hysteria's, as well
In which, with which, we so often feel or appear bound
Yet as we give up ownership of surface level ripples caused by tiny little pebbles
No longer even there
We will realize
Whatever it was
Is by no means the end of the world
And not even our, nor anyone else's, cross to bear

And this is how God Sees and Knows us to Be
At Ease and In Peace
For how can anything be the end of the world?
If God's Love IS the world?
If God does not end?
Even unto what we see as our own eventual "end"
It is not so
For if we are God's Children
Extension, never leaving it's Source
Then how, in the name of Life, could that Creation even begin to approach even the slightest possibility of some would be end?

And this is What and How we are Now called to See
That we are Free
That we are Now
To be as we may
Until that time when we can stop, if even for a moment (and that is all it takes), our constant deluge of thoughts
By observing, so to say
Hey, I Am that I Am
I know that I thought I was not
That I thought I will end
Yet Now
Letting go of the issues of "life"
I take hold of and
The Essence of Life
Foreverness, without end