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Hi John,

Every thing that is happening in the world today is
driven by the element of "threat". We feel threatened
by terrorists as well as elements that want to take
away our position of power in the world. Islamic
fundamentalists are threatened by our secularist
consumer agenda in their politics.

I remember a relatively recent book about Toltec
spirituality, THE FOUR AGREEMENTS. One of these
agreements is to never, NEVER, take anything
personally. This is because each of us is the center
of the universe as we project reality out around us.
Anything that happens to us happens because we request
it to happen at a deep soul level. If we get our backs
up over some perceived wrong then that wrong lies
within us, and does not come from another person. We
create heavy drama, or we learn to become very loving
in our creation. There is nothing else.

Christine merely acted her part in this lesson as she
saw fit. No right or wrong. She is the author of her
own life. Gloria responded the way she responded
merely because there is something there for her in
this as well. No right or wrong. Merely life
interacting the way it does.

If someone pushes my buttons creating anger or some
other negative emotion it is not the other person's
fault. It is my fault, so to speak, that I still allow
those particular buttons to remain so sensitive. It is
my job to heal my buttons. And here is the application
of heavenletters. Love both myself and others so that
my buttons dissolve. Christ had no issues with the
Romans who crucified him. They were merely doing their
job as they saw fit, at their level of understanding.
Father forgive them for they know not what they do. I
pray that one day I might get to that level of
compassion and full heartedness.

Christine, Gloria, John, You all beautiful,

--- john s riccio <TheHeavenLetters [at] heavenletters [dot] org>


Hello Christine:
Let me tell you right off the bat, I support my
friend, Gloria.
When you talk of Spiritual Karmic consequesnces I
consider that a threat.  You are threatening her. 
There is no doubt about it.  What is this vendetta
really all about?  What is your true motive?  What
is the agenda you are hiding? Come clean.  If you
were really a "spiritual woman"
You would know the first lesson:  Forgiveness.
I'd start the book over again when you come back.
If you are able!!!  Hint, hint.
(Sorry if that offends some folk, but she deserves
On Wed, 01 Mar 2006 22:31:52 -0600 "Christine
Hoeflich" <TheHeavenLetters [at] heavenletters [dot] org
(TheHeavenLetters [at] heavenletters [dot] org)> writes:

> Hello Robert,
> you wrote a wonderful letter but I don't think
it's about loss, success or failure at all. It's
just that Gloria was a little too quick to tell
me to "print it out again" because she was busy.
She did not tell me she spent hours looking for it
and couldn't find it. I suppose I had assumed
that if she really looked for it for a few
minutes, or was focused/intent on my request for
even a few minutes, she would find it--perhaps that
is where the learning for me will be??
> Thank you for a heart-felt letter.
> Christine
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I live life loving the light of the lord of heaven,
my god, in mine very own soul. Live love. Love
life. Live light. Light the way for love in the
heart of the world on planet Earth !!!!!!!! LOve
the light.

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