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Why Am I Not Succeeding In Life?

Why Am I Not Succeeding In Life?

Most people in life have this question: "Why am I not succeeding in life?" There are many answers to this question.

1. Your parenting. Your parents did not know better and you had only negative guidance and bad role models.
2. Your genetic conditioning from a bad family tree.
3. The economic and social environment around you (both childhood and now).
4. Lack of interpersonal skills.
5. Lack of technical or business skills.
6. Lack of energy due to sickness.
7. Doing a job/business with very little financial potential.
8. Lack of interest in life.
9. Idealism vs. practicality, including self-deception.
10. Lethargy and procrastination.

The above are some of the reasons for your failure. This is indeed a short list and, of course, more reasons could be added to the list. Nevertheless, it is important to take a look at the list and do something to change the negative elements. I want to answer every item as much as possible.

1. Yes, parenting plays an important role in the life of an individual. It is important to identify negative elements and consciously rectify them. You can read the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad.
2. Rub Vibhuti (sacred ash) all over your body and listen to the Thiru Neela Kantam CD.
3. You cannot do much about your childhood environment. You can change the current environment now.
4. Interpersonal skills are very important. No one ever succeeded without them. You should read books and consult a specialist in this area.
5. It is important to acquire technical skills in accordance with your own interest, practicality and astrology.
6. Health is very important. See a nutritionist and a personal exercise trainer, in addition to seeking medical treatment.
7. Most people are victims to jobs/businesses. You need to change your vocation karma.
8. You may be depressed. See a doctor and do more fun things like traveling, listening to music, etc.
9. Some people are either idealistic or self-deceptive. Idealism can be allowed and it may reward you down the road, but a reality check is very important. Self-deception is a form of denial of reality and needs to be addressed immediately.
10. Find a personal trainer who can add discipline to your life.

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Your Children Are Not Your Children!

As I look at life from a different perspective, I would like to share the following with you:

‘When a child is born, it brings into incarnation the sum total of [all] its experiences, as a structure it has built [for itself] in the past [throughout all the experiences of all its lifetimes, from the moment of its creation until the present one]. In this structure, which is called the soul, there are countless millions of vibrations resonating in the human life [of everybody]. Thus, the soul from its birth is subject to desires; [under the guidance of its Highest Self,] it is stimulated to thought, word and action. The desires urge the individual to positive or negative thoughts and actions, or what are called good and evil. These two impulses apply to everyone…’

‘… Every soul comes to the Earth under a directing influence and is influenced by the planets. Why does there need to be a system whereby we inherit qualities and limitations from our parents? The quality or the ray which the individualised soul of the child desires to express and develop is there in the particular parents chosen [for this lifetime]; [it also exists] in the quality of the soul of the parents, in their physical make-up and in the environment. So what appears to be heredity is actually the set of conditions made ready [by the child’s Highest Self] for the planting of that seed [the incoming soul] in the exact soil it needs [to learn this lifetime’s lessons].’

‘A Matter of Vibration’ from ‘White Eagle On Reincarnation’ The words within square brackets, in any of my writings, have always been added to further clarify the meaning of someone’s quote. But it is never my intention to speak on behalf of any organisation; I merely use someone's quote because I share the views expressed in it.

With love and light,

Why Am I Not Succeeding In Life?

What I understand God to say is that whatever we came in with, we can get past and move ahead, that nothing holds us back but ourselves and our thinking.

What do you think?

Why Am I Not Succeeding In Life?

Yes, Gloria, I share that view. However, a lack of spiritual awareness, i.e. not knowing our true nature and what this life really is all about, will hold us back even more. But, the moment of awakening eventually comes for everybody. The Clarion call comes and we rise from our slumbers ...

With love and light,