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HELP FOUND – New Heaven Assistant

The minute we announced the need for a new assistant, Shannon Kernekin of Texas came forward. How wonderful. Shannon is going to be an assistant supreme. We have started working together, and she is already a blessing, and there is more to come. Soon I will have no excuse for not having the Godwriting™ book and online course ready! Thanks, Shannon.

HELP WANTED – New Webmaster

Kirt who has maintained Heaven’s web site so magnificently for over a year has had to go on to other things. We are so sorry to see him go. He will always be a part of Heavenletters, and our love and gratitude go with him. I feel sure that good fortune will always follow Kirt. We have a lot to be grateful to Kirt for. I cannot even imagine what it would have been like to be without Kirt, all the fun he was to work with and all dedication he gave. We wish you every success, Kirt, and we’re sure going to miss you.

Now we are looking for someone wonderful to do what Kirt has done. Maybe two people! One for general web-site maintenance and one to put the e-books together. We have ten more e-books to go. Or maybe there is one magnificent person out there who wants to do it all.

There is no good time to be without Kirt. Yet this is a time of transition, so in that sense, it’s a good time while Santhan of Khanyi Media is revamping the entire web site with an open source program called Drupal, getting us ready for 100,000 new subscribers.

Are you the one? Is it your turn now to be Heaven’s webmaster? E-book facilitator? Do you feel drawn to be part of this beautiful enterprise of bringing Earth closer to Heaven in service to God? That is the reason to do it. You will also have an opportunity to work with forward-moving people and to gain skills and experience as well.

Would you like to appoint yourself to this position? Or find out more about it? Please let us know who you are.

Blessings and love,