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From Within Me.

I, myself; am me.
I don't know the full depths
of My Self.

Like the wave on the ocean,
I'm only aware of the top part,
Tha which shows,
kind of like the Ego.

More than my ego, I don't ordinarily know;
Am not aware of,
Don't care about,
Don't consider important,
Don't think matters,
Don't want to be concerned with.

I've got things to do each day.
Each and every day,
There's work to do.

I, myself, might not have a formal job,
being employed; in the normal sense,

But I fit into the world,
into the country,
into the state and community and city
and town and neighborhood,
around my family
and few E-mail friends I have
In some important ways, I think.

I don't know exactly.


These things are important to me.

What's impotant to you?

John Steffan Riccio