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HEAVEN #1897 The Light You Are January 14, 2006

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HEAVEN #1897 The Light You Are January 14, 2006

God said:

What wonders are you going to perform? I tell you that in this life on Earth, you have already unknowingly performed great wonders. If your existence on Earth is not a miracle, I would like to know what is.

You are a Being. You are one who thinks and walks around and all that, but, most of all, you are a Being. You are a Human Being, the most magnificent of My creations. Do not underestimate yourself and what you are capable of. Start estimating.

You are capable of great deeds. You are capable of great thoughts.
Whatever brilliance you may have neglected until now doesn't matter. Your light can shine forth now. Your brilliance is not regulated by day or night or by any calendar. The moment you decide, your brilliance can shine forth.
It need wait for nothing but itself. No outside bell has to ring. No crowd has to be ready. You do not have to dress up for the occasion. All you have to do is let your light come out. Well, perhaps you have to wake up first, but not necessarily. Asleep you have already performed great wonders.

Dormant light is still light. Because your light has not yet come out brightly, it doesn't mean that you are barren of it. Energy asleep is still energy. A firecracker unignited is still a firecracker. You are a phenomenal Human Being. Unawakened you are still a phenomenal Human Being.

When is your light going to burst into flame? When will you decide it's time to be a Great Light? When will you decide you are ready? The fact is you are ready now. You hold a treasure in your hand, and you have not seen it. You have been oblivious to your worth. That is unworthy of you, to deny what is yours. You are Peter who denied Christ. You deny the Christed Light in you. You deny it from yourself. You have been a great magician of illusion. You have believed in dimness and called it your own. You have believed in the absence of light when you are the light itself.

You have seen Me pointing at you. As if in a crowd, you look around and cannot believe I mean you. Of course, I mean you. I know who you are, and I see your light. It is you who doesn't. You have put dimmers over your eyes. Do you not know you can remove them? Why would you not remove them?

Perhaps you have felt safe in shadows. Perhaps you have mixed up safety with lack of fulfillment. Have you?

Will you please now come out into the bright sunlight and acknowledge that you are the Sun, and that it is up to you to light up humanity on Earth and undo humanity's bewilderment? The clarion call is to you, beloveds. You are the wake-up call. Yes, you are like the early morning sun that enters your room. Just as the sun unobtrusively makes it entrance into your room, you shine light on the world. Come, make your debut. It is just a little delivery of My light you make. Get up early like a milkman, and deliver My light. You do not know what you will ignite, what merriment you will create, what heart you will lift, what life you will lighten and give meaning to.

The world has been waiting for your light. Give it now.

You have been waiting for the world to wake up before you do. You have it backwards, beloveds. You are the dawn. The light you are is beginning to dawn on you.

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