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What's Up, DOK?

And a Big Good Morning.
Do You Hear?
Are You here?

You, my dear.

A blessed blessing:
Good Morning.

Put all your troubles away, my friend.
There's no need to dwell upon troubles.

Troubles will come and troubles will go.
You know.
You know.

The world around you is not the One

The world within.
Your reality.
Your truth
as you see it.

The One the The thoughts in your head,
The ideas in your mind

You make your world.
You create your demons.
You live with your angels.

Your faith makes you whole.
Your fears destroy you.

Where you be?
Come here;
With Me?

Stefan John Riccio

What's Up, DOK?

Are you talking to me?!!!

I sure love your poetry, Stefan.

God bless you.

With love, Gloria

What's Up, DOK?

Good evening
my dear
I am here
to be found in the net
to be found in the web
to be found in every grid

it is the loving laughing light for your life

go to the laughter