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what struck me on 1/8/06

"This cleansing may seem like major surgery, but your heart is not being removed. It is being restored. "
"To whatever depths of despair your heart has sunk, it will find its voice again. "
These are the 2 areas of today's heavenletter that affect me the most. I surely feel utter emptiness while I am separated from my love, TJ. However, I know that I will not feel like this forever, & in time something will happen. It has to! I am hoping & praying that it is God's will that we reconcile, but if it is not I must believe that can only mean God has something so much better in store for me! Even though right now I cannot see this for myself, I have to KNOW it.

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Dearest Jennine,

You may not have TJ, but how 'bout JT?

I've known the power of the Pink Light for 15 years, but just learning it more now from you guys, thanks for your feedback and understanding. Jennine, you can't cause TJ to come back to you via TPL, The Pink Light, you would be taking his karma on yourself. We can't control others, as much as we might desire. Use TPL on yourself and watch what happens! Forcing conditions to change to what you crave only creates undesired problems. Love is the most powerful tool we have, use but don't abuse! At the bottom of my original TPL I put two warnings, if you want a copy from me write me personally. As I was saying: one of them deals with our manipulating others via this misunderstood effective light. We don't like being controled by others and doing it to them is doing it to self...SELF.