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Can't thank you enough, Emmy!

Dear Emmy,

You know and I know all the time and devotion you give to translating Heavenletters into Dutch. I wonder if anyone else knows all the heart and soul you give to this. There must be great personal reward to you in translating God's words. At the same time you are giving a blessing to the world.

Gert and you were taking turns translating, and I want to be sure to include my gratitude to Gert as well. While he is on a little sabbatical now, you just plow right through the translations. Nothing stops you, dear Emmy.

Even when you have had great physical pain, you don't let it stop you. In fact, you tell me how translating makes the pain less intense. That's beautiful.

How do we find more subscribers who want to read Heavenletters in Dutch? I think we want more subscribers for many reasons. One is that more energy is generated with every subscriber. More subscribers mean more light for the world. It will also mean that translating will be even more joy for you. I don't know how that works exactly, but I believe it's so. I know it's true for me. Every subscriber lifts my heart. I am grateful even if we had only one subscriber, but thousands are one multiplied and make it more fun.

Somehow we who read Heavenletters are connected in some amazing way.

Thank you so much, dear Emmy.

God bless you.

With love,


Can't thank you enough, Emmy!

Dear Gloria,

Yes the translating keeps my mind off my shoulder if I have pain, right now I am ok though. But I may need surgery on it , have an appointment tomorrow with the orthopedic surgeon.

I do love translating the Heavenletters and often working intensely on the translation helps me more to understand it.

And yes I am difficult to stop, but that is just me :D