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Opening God Quote:

"You are simply tossing bread on the waters, healthy bread. Ducks of opportunity will come along and eat the bread, and the waters are calmed."

Heavenletter #2345 The Moveable Parts of Life

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(Welcome, Plovew, we give thanks to you, our fifth subscriber from Korea. May we have many more Heavenreaders from your beautiful country and all the countries on this Earth that God has made. )


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Subscribers Point the Way

thank you heart
To God, we give thanks

Barbara was a senior in high school in 1973 when she was George Monta's student in his Human Relations class. George is a long-time subscriber to Heavenletters, and Barbara is a recent subscriber.
This photo is of George and his late wife.
George Monta
Here are parts of an email Barbara wrote to George some forty years later:

When you were my teacher, you had us read a book Waiting for Godot. This book had a life-changing affect on me. That book has made me who I am today. Back in your class, we had many discussions about life and how to live it.
When I was twenty-five, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. Within three years, I needed to use a wheelchair. I did at that point continue to have full use of my hands, and, if I were lying down, I could move my legs. Through the years, the MS has gotten worse, to the point I cannot use my hands or move my legs. When I eat, I open my mouth and somebody puts food into it! To type on the computer, I use speech recognition. To control my mouse, I use a hands-free touchpad which I control with my chin. They both work great, I am so lucky.

I assure you I am not complaining. I have had, and continue to have, a wonderful life. I have done many awesome things since being disabled, including getting married to a man who has never known me to walk, writing a cookbook (yes, I became quite the cook), having a son now 24 years old who lives in California and Hawaii.
I have often thought of you, and the intuitive way you looked at life.
It looks like I've bent your ear long enough for now, so on that note I will say thank you, I love you, and take care.

Barbara, we are so lucky to read your letter to George who is now eighty-six years old. You both have the most incredible attitudes I have ever seen.

Barbara, I have to confess that I much prefer a mouse to a touchpad. When, traveling, for instance, and I have had to use a touchpad, I have been impatient rather than grateful. How foolish I have been. I will be grateful from now on, dear Barbara, and thank you for being my teacher.

Updates on Spirit Being Human Center in Capilla del Monte, Argentina

Recently while cycling to San Marcos del Sierra (a town 22km from Capilla del Monte via an old dirt road) the front tire got punctured. As I pushed the bicycle to a shadier spot and began to repair the tire, a pickup truck stopped. It was a family going in the opposite direction, back to Capilla. I gladly accepted the ride, and good thing too!

It so happens the husband and wife had recently moved to Argentina (from New Jersey) and had bought land to build their own earth bag home and live closer to the land. While in the US, they attended a course at CalEarth, the organization founded by Khalili, one of the foremost innovators in Earth Bag technology. This couple will be building their home soon, and I offered to help. They said that they felt it was time to be more independent.

Since the last Heaven News, we've received a lot of feedback on Spirit Being Human, Argentina and the first base community. We've had responses from:
- an economic genius whose revolutionary economic model finances new and existing communities (We're busy at work on this and will tell more in another Heaven News)
- subscribers from all over the world writing to us about their interest in the community in Argentina
- people in Argentina interested in the community!
- Heaven Readers offering their help in many ways. (See below)

As you know we've found several suitable locations for the base community. Now we're working on the project plan which will be sent out to all those interested in sharing this beautiful vision.

That's all for now!

Santhan (Heaven Admin)

Vivian Schmidt
I am a designer of fitted home furniture and am able to help when I have the plans and details of what is required plus measurements. I can produce 3D of the inside of rooms.

I am offering to do work for free to produce for you.

Vivian Schmidt, South Africa

Angels Sharing Heavenletters

To my delight, when I opened up most recent Bridging Heaven & Earth Newsletter, I found this right up top:

The Bridging Heaven & Earth Newsletter

From a December 4, 2009 Heavenletter, "A Moving Picture of Love", from beloved friend and collaborator of Bridging, Gloria Wendroff (who appeared on wonderful Bridging Shows # 200 and # 175--see below)

God said:

... Love wanted to see what it looked like. Love wanted to dance itself, make rhythm, become apparent. Love fell in love with itself, and so life on Earth began, and you manifested as a burst of love. From an even plane of love, mountains and oceans developed themselves. How brilliant is love revealed, love manifested from the Unmanifest. Unending love came from no beginning, and yet is as endless as it was beginningless...

To watch Bridging Show # 200 with Gloria as featured guest, go to:

To watch Bridging Show # 175 with Gloria as featured guest, go to:

And....remember.....whatever you think you are, you're more.... We Love You..... Infinite Love

Thank you, Allan.

Merging Technology with Consciousness

Global Coherence

Out of the blue, on December 18, 2005, I received this email:

Dear Gloria,

Kindly forward this to Gloria, so that if she doesn't get this gift, it is the result of her decision and not someone else's.

Gloria, I lived in Fairfield, Iowa until 2003. I had heard of your work, but ironically only recently experienced it when Shahid Hyder Khatal of India referred me to your web site.

I find your letters from God absolutely beautiful, inspiring and completely authentic. I of course subscribed immediately.

I have been given the gift of bringing Archangel Metatron's light into software, which when installed on any computer, radiates his light into the environment, transmuting the chaotic electromagnetic radiation and conditioning the environment, such that it reduces the separation between life and the Divine.

My mission is to spread this Metatron Technology™ giving it to organizations and individuals that are spreading the light. I would be honored to gift you with the Metatron Technology™ for whatever application or applications you would like. No strings attached. I am sure it would assist you and your family in your mission, especially sitting in front of the computer, which I expect you do.

The Metatron file sits on the computer and radiates Metatron's light into the environment. Archangel Metatron simply uses the power of the computer to magnify his light.

The Metatron Stress-free Office Computer™ software, conditions the computer and everything within an 18 ft bubble around the computer including all electronic equipment connected to the computer. I can create a program to condition any space or situation including all electricity and electronic equipment in that space or situation. There is no intellect involved in this process. I simply channel Archangel Matatron's light creating a holistic technology. I can custom create a program or programs for you for whatever space or spaces you want to condition including home/office and even the property. All programs reside on your computer or computers.

This is my full time mission and I am available 24/7, except Christmas day.

With many blessings to you,

Ron Hall
Global Coherence, Inc.
"Merging technology with consciousness"

Ron Hall

Since this email from Ron in 2005, Ron has given out many programs, including a heart-opening program, a program for world peace, a program to balance divine feminine and sacred masculine energy. You will find these and more on his web site. Ron has also, from the goodness of his heart, created programs for me like one for the entire apartment complex I now live in.

The minute I download one of Ron's programs, I feel something. Please accept Ron's gift of all the free programs he offers. They're quick to download, and then there they are working for you and all of humanity on your computer. Do it now.

Why haven't I shared Metatron Technology sooner? Ron asked me to wait until everything was in place, and now is the time.

You can watch Ron's interview with Allan on the Bridging Heaven and Earth TV Interview Show here: (His interview begins about 20 minutes into the recorded show. Of course, I love watching the beautiful introduction on Allan's show every time!)

Isn't it interesting how both Allan and Ron showed up at the same time!

Angels Sharing Heavenletters

My friend Tracey included the following two quotations from Heavenletters in her newly-published book.

“A party was held on earth, and now one of the guests deigns to go home, and you are still at the party. Part of you would like to go home as well. Yet you grieve that your friend left the party. Because your friend left the party doesn’t mean she is gone. She is merely out of your sight right now.”

Heavenletter #1372 In Memoriam to Sandy Hessler

“Today do something beyond your usual range. Do something for someone else, known or unknown to you. Pick up some litter on the street instead of clucking your tongue at the ones who dropped it there. If an article of clothing in a store has fallen off the hanger, put it back on the hanger. Hold the door for someone. Make life a little better for the next person. As you do, you make life better for yourself. You raise your consciousness, beloved.…Stretch your vision. Add to the beauty in the universe.”

Heavenletter #2078 Surprise Yourself

Over the years, Tracey, a long-time Heavenreader, has always generously shared publishing and writing tips with me, for which I am grateful.

Thanks, Tracey.

People who live near Capilla del Monte OR who might come!

Celia Ceruti
Celia Cerutti

I`ll go there with my car and we can take a walk to all those beautiful places....
So much love
Celia, Cordoba, Argentina

Furthermore, Celia wrote:

My friend from Australia..(I knew you and Heavenletters thru her...) is thinking to come here to live in Capilla!

And now…

Chris and Tink
Tink and Partner

We both speak English, French, Spanish, and Dutch. Chris is a translator and web builder,and a great handyman.

I, Tink, have the experience of running a retreat in Mexico, am a great cook and housekeeper. Interior design is a great passion, and I am very good with people and animals. We want to contribute more to the consciousness shift. For now we do it thru workshops and guidance. Looking forwards to hearing from you with much love.
Chris and Tink, The Netherlands,

Mary Grace
It was through Spirit Library that I discovered your site. I woke up this morning feeling empty and dark until I read Heavenletter #3564, Rewrite Your Script.  I also listened to the video of an interview in December 2009. When you mentioned Argentina as a self-sustaining community, my heart leapt. I would like to know more about it as I feel I am being guided to join you.
Mary Grace, Massachusetts, Author,

These are the few good people I, Gloria, am meeting. Heaven Admin has dozens of friends in and near Capilla del Monte.

We are so lucky -- Angel Volunteers keep appearing


I would love to volunteer to HeavenLetters. HeavenLetters is a God Send and always seems to communicate to me exactly where I am at. I don't need to shift my thinking or actions when I read HeavenLetters to understand. They meet me halfway and I always feel blessed. Heaven Letters has given so much and I would like to give back at least a little of what I have received, from the heart. I know HTML code and can build webpages using javascript, PHP, and MYSQL. I have a degree in Computer Science and have done this type of work in the past.  Have a wonderful evening and be with God.  
John Esquibel, New Mexico

Angela Byers
Dear Gloria, I had been reading Heavenletters for several weeks before I saw one of your video interviews. As soon as I saw you and heard your voice, I wept with joy and relief. I recognized that you were the real thing, My companion of my years recently died and I have moved back home with my parents, who are in their eighties. I haven't found a job yet and have many skills and lots of time I could contribute to Heavenletters. It would be an honor to help spread God's love in such a beautiful manner. I look forward to hearing from you. With much love and respect,
Angela Byars, California

Hi there - in response to your November Heaven News where you said "More Help Needed!" What kind of help are you looking for. Let me know what it is that you need more assistance with, and I'm sure there would be something that i could contribute to. Heavenletters have always been so inspiring to me and of course, often appear with appropriate timing. Also, the concept of the community village is awesome! With Love,
Jenni, South Africa

No photo for Buttercup below, but a great sense of humor!

Hello Heaven, I am inquiring within.  Please let me know what could be done to assist.  I am a moderator of a large group on yahoo and have strong organizational skills if that would be helpful.  I am not good at cleaning windows, and I don't really like to clean bathrooms.  Other than that, I'm good!
Buttercup, United States

Post your photo on the profile page on the Spiritual Community Forum as these people have:

Elys Saf

And tell us about yourself!
Marsha's Profile
Website url:
My Interests and Loves: I love sunflowers and sunny days.
City: Killorglin but moving to Dublin soon I expect to have magical adventures filled with miracles and I write about my experiences. I even take a lot of pictures, mostly bad ones, and rarely really great ones. I live my life in gratitude.

Love angel

ON A HIGHER LEVEL, we who read Heavenletters are a group being taught by the One Source. In a way that seems miraculous, our private individual lives, daily thoughts and actions, are included in the teaching that comes through Heavenletters. We are engaged in a TRAJECTORY OF LEARNING TOGETHER. How often we see the exact reflection of our own inner thinking and feeling in that day’s Heavenletter. Source is talking to Gloria AND to us at the same time, about the same topics. Nothing is by accident. We who read are being led up higher as a group, in this schoolroom of earth.

And please leave a comment on the forum under Heavenletters too!

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you wherever you live

We are just so grateful to know you.

With love from the entire Heaven Team

End Quote:

It is all right to be you.
Heavenletter #3640, The Gardener

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Thank you, Gloria!

I so appreciate your mentioning my book in your newsletter. It has many quotations, and you've provided so many memorable ones over the years, I had an abundance to choose from.

Other readers are discovering that you are the real deal. Having enjoyed the pleasure of your wisdom, generosity, and friendship over the years, I can say, Amen to that! You consistently give, give, give from your big heart.

Much love and aloha,