New Heaven News December 18, 2010 Happy New Year and New Beginnings

Opening God Quote:

Think of it, every time you experience love, it is My love you experience.

Heavenletter #1380 Lettere d'amore da Dio

New Subscribers from 20 countries since last Heaven News

Australia Brazil Canada Columbia Denmark Finland Germany Iceland Iran Malta Mexico Namibia Netherlands Norway Romania Saint Vincent Slovenia Sweden Turkey United Kingdom

Welcome, Liza, our first subscriber from the Congo in Central Africa. Thank you.

[Since this Heaven News went to press, for the first time, subscribers from the Syrian Arab Republic and Macedonia have come to Heaven News! We’re so happy. We’ll feature these two countries in the next issue of Heaven News. ]

New Subscribers from 25 United States since last Heaven News

Alabama Arizona Florida California Georgia Kansas Illinois Maine Maryland Michigan Mississippi Missouri Montana New Hampshire New Jersey New York North Carolina Oklahoma Pennsylvania Tennessee Utah Virginia Virgin Islands Washington, D.C. Washington State

Welcome back, two dear translators, Oldooz and Anca!

Do translators choose themselves, or are they chosen?

Oldooz, you are our one and only Farsi translator.
Oldooz, Iran, Farsi Translator

Anca, since Andreea went to the Peace Corps, you are now our one and only Romanian translator!


Anca, Romanian Translator

Anca wrote so beautifully:

On Decembrie 11, 2010 I read the Heavenletter™ "How to Be a Blessing to the World" and I realize that I need to do something in this regard. I am a human being that I am aware and I just know, not only in my mind but in my soul, that I love God and God loves me. This is my innermost belief.

When I read "How to Be a Blessing to the World" I understand without any doubt that I need to give something to the world like a small gift but from all my heart and this is what I'm trying to do through my translations. I 'm not able to explain better that this what I have felt but was something spectacular, in other words was the fact that sometimes is necessary to give something to the world because is not enough only to receive.

So, from now on this is What I am trying to do, this is my small gift to the world and deep in my heart I KNOW that this is what God want from me and I'm so happy that I was able to hear His voice. I truly believe that God is sending us messages all the time , we just aren't able most of the time to hear them but this time I receive this special gift and for this I thanks. Through Heavenletter, I received this special gift from God and I'm so happy!

Anca, Oldooz, and all the translators, your translating is a GREAT gift to the world.

We so want Heavenletters translated into every language in the world. God wants all of us on Earth to become One in peace and love. God has many ways, of course, to make this happen and happen now. Meanwhile, we, Heavenreaders, Heaven translators and all Volunteer Angels, we play our parts in gratitude for the privilege of doing what we can. All are welcome.

Heavenreaders are also our great blessing from Heaven, and we are grateful for each and every one of you.

Upcoming Radio Interview with Gloria

David Adelson interviews Gloria on Monday, January 10, 2011 at 6 P.M. EST

The name of David's show is "The Simplest Ways." It's a one-hour interview.

Your questions will be the foundation of the interview. The show is prerecorded, so send in your questions and comments NOW! Send in lots of questions! Send them to me: gloria [at] heavenletters [dot] org, and I'll forward them to David right away. Or, send them to David: david [at] thesimplestways. [dot] com, and he'll forward them to me!

6 P.M. EST Monday, January 10,


David is the author and artist of the soon-to-be released “picture book of Supreme (or at least really useful) knowledge”, “Spiritual Living in a Crazy, Screwy, Nutso World.”
The Simplest Ways |

Heaven News or Heaven E-zine

Heaven News seems to want to be more than it is. We could have an magazine or ezine be whatever we want it to be -- with articles, interviews of volunteers and Heavenreaders and relevant personalities, ways of life in many countries, all submissions from Heavenreaders -- artwork, photographs, interviews, ideas, Oneness Journey, Spiritual Center, recipes! Looking for your ideas right now. This would be made for Heavenreaders by Heavenreaders. Everything by Heavenreaders.

What would a Heaven e-zine look like? Do we have a new cover for each issue? What sections would we have? I imagine some permanent sections, and some would appear once, or once in a while. Would we have special editions in other languages? Certainly we'd have features about other countries. Would we plan on an e-zine being once a month and replacing Heaven News? Can we handle once a month? We can be as creative as we like, yet such an e-zine takes a lot of precise detail work too. Who is going to do it? Who has an urge? Anyone with experience? Who would do what?

Heavenletters are primary. Blog and now e-zine are secondary, yet this idea has pushed its way through. This has to be God's idea. I don't think it's mine. Neither Heaven Admin nor I had the thought nor the capability of taking on more to do!

Who would like to take it on? It would take a lot of time and responsibility. It would require editors for every section and then an overall editor in chief, I imagine. And then…

After I had written down the above, Angela Byars came forward with experience, time, and desire. Wow! We are blessed and delighted to have Angela appear. We'll still be Heaven News for a while before Angela creates the New Heaven E-Zine. More about Angela in the next issue of Heaven News.

Meanwhile, please give us your ideas. What would you like to see in a Heavenletter E-zine?

More Good News for the Spiritual Center in Capilla del Monte, Argentina

earth bag home

Owen Geiger, a master of sustainable building, posted on the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum, offering us his help.

Owen wrote:

I'd love to see a whole community of houses similar to this get built. I can also offer some general guidance. For example, curved shapes are inherently stronger and more pleasing (= closer to nature and spiritual awareness).

earth bag

Main websites:
Earthbag House Plans:
New Spiral 2 design:
Earthbag Blog with two fairly recent posts about hempcrete: (scroll down) (the largest website on earthbag building)

And Owen says: “If you ever need anything else, just google Owen Geiger.”
owen geiger

Heaven Admin's immediate response was:

"WOW! Heaven attracts the coolest people. I have had Owen's site bookmarked as a future partner. I love Owen's work! There is beauty in what he does."

And then I was extra happy when Owen Geiger subscribed to Heavenletters.

Our cup runneth over.

There are angels in this world.

Love for God's words:

Russ Michael from Austria wrote in his latest book:

Gloria Wendroff has sat daily for telepathic transmissions that speak to all of humanity as told directly to her from the unique GOD of our Universe, titled HEAVENLETTERS™. Gloria has never missed a day of sitting and receiving a revelatory, soul and mind-expanding transmission directly from GOD for years. I include HEAVENLETTERS to thousands of subscribers to my daily free email, Michael Worldwide Newsletter.

And Michael added in his newsletter:

My activity as a Lightworker on Earth dims incredibly next to the radiant, blazing LIGHT transmitted from God to Gloria in one single unique HEAVENLETTER! Each HEAVENLETTER holds a volume of unconditional LOVING LIGHT & KNOWLEDGE, and I can hardly wait to receive, READ, HIGHLIGHT and POST each new daily HEAVENLETTER.

soul mate books


Beverly Herman, Florida, posted on a Godwriting blog:

After years of trying to learn about God, prescribed lessons in colorful books with golden edged pages, incense-laden air, chimes and chants, there was little progress in learning. There was guilt and much confusion. Then I took the scientific approach and considered the unified field. The unified field was nice, but it didn’t speak to my heart.

Then along came Heavenletters with the real goods where God said:

“I never stop whispering My words of love to you. Of course, My words are more than whispers. My words are Truth, so My words more than speak to you. They embrace you. They wrap you in themselves. They charge you up. My words stroke you, but My words are more than strokes. My words give you the essence of what is spoken of. My words are deliverers to you. They give you the real goods. They are the real goods.”

Heavenletter #190 True Knowledge

Through Heavenletters, God and I have become close friends. It is so natural and easy and comforting to be with Him at all times.

New people registered on the forum with photos:



End Quote:

Turn your heart to Me now, and let Me fill you with My Love Almighty.

Heavenletter #1380 Lettere d'amore da Dio

Happy Holidays from Gloria and The Spectacular Heaven Team!

Gloria Wendroff

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About the Heavenly-Ezine,

About the Heavenly-Ezine, might it include a section of positive news stories - things an individual or group have done that help another, or many others, in some way? I would enjoy the inspiration that comes from seeing what our friends create that uplift and help. It could help us all give more.

Yes, this is a good idea.

Yes, this is a good idea.

HeavenLetters E-zine

Dean Shrock
Hi Gloria, I would gladly write an article or articles for your e-zine.
With love, Dean

To all who post under Heaven News

Yor names are not shown automatically here. Please write your name the way Dean did. Jochen


HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, Gloria, and Heaven Team.

Always with love,