New Heaven News December 11, 2011

Merry Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, and a Happy New Year!

Opening God Quote:

Let your heart be Santa Claus. Ride your reindeer through the land and snow and deserts as well. Go down the chimneys of hearts. Leave your gift of love. Keep on. You can make Christmas Eve last all year and still not be done.
Heavenletter #3682 The Holy Star

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Do you live on the beautiful continent of Africa? Would you like to learn to Godwrite™?

Dear Heavenreaders,

Heaven Admin and I are presently in South Africa, the land where Heaven Admin was born and to which I have come for the very first time. I never dreamed that I would have the opportunity to visit the African continent. It is thanks to Heaven Admin that I am here. From the first instant I landed in Johannesburg, I have fallen in love with the people, the hospitality, the land and the climate, all of which have been marvelous! What a country!

Rukeribuga in Rwanda wrote:

Hi, my sister, grace and peace to you and your household. I hope you are doing well. I read that you are about to take a trip to South Africa. Will you be able to reach to Rwanda? God enable you. I am looking forward to seeing you.

Thank you, dear Rukeribuga. With God’s help – and yours -- we can do it.

We are happy to offer the first Godwriting™ workshop in South Africa at Palm Beach at the Indian Ocean on Thursday and Friday, December 29 and 30, 2011. What a way to bring in the New Year!!! Please come!

Soon we will see about offering workshops at any of the countries in Africa where there are people eager to learn to Godwrite.

Have your friends and family sign up to receive Heavenletters™. Reading Heavenletters™ is like tilling the soil. It's a good beginning for Godwriting™.

Here is where your friends and family can add their names to the mailing list:

Learning to Godwrite™ is easy! God makes it happen. Everyone can do it!

Thank you, Rukeribuga, for bringing people to Heavenletters™ and Godwriting™. We will all come closer to God.

Incidentally, two Heavenreaders from Australia are flying here for the first workshop at Palm Beach and will learn to Godwrite™. We have also had inquiries from the first Heavensubscriber in Burkina Faso. This workshop will be translated into French as needed.

Here’s a photo of the Indian Ocean taken from the deck of Santhan’s Uncle Arnand’s house:

If you would like to see more about my personal experiences and the joy of this visit, please see the Godwriting™ blog.

Welcome to New French translator, Chantal LaHanque, France

Bonjour, avec beaucoup d'humilité, je me propose pour la traduction de l'anglais vers le français. J'ai fais mes études supérieures aux USA et je pense comprendre suffisamment l'anglais pour traduire dans ce sens.

Je suis, cependant, très impressionnée par l' "Auteur"... des Heavenletters! Je pense qu'il s'agit d'un travail d'équipe et que vous trouverez les mots pour me rassurer.
Merci pour les heures de joie et d'amour que vous nous offrez avec votre site.


Chantal Lahanque

Hello, with great humility I offer my services to translate Heavenletters from English to French. I studied in the US and I think I understand English well enough to be able to translate in this way.

I am, however, very impressed by the "Author"... of The Heavenletters! I think that it is going to be a teamwork and that other volunteers will find the words to reassure me.

Thank you for the hours of Joy and Love that you offer us with this site.

Chantal Lahanque

Normand Bourque, senior French translator, has paved the way for Chantal, and she is already translating. Thank you, Normand! Thank you, Chantal!

Jean-Christophe of Paris has a special assignment for a few months. With great appreciation, we look forward to your coming back, cher Jean-Christophe, and, then, of French translators, there will be three!

And, from Luus, Dutch translator from the Netherlands who translates daily on her own, comes this post right away:

Welcome to the team, Chantal. I'm pleased that French subscribers will continue to receive Heavenletters daily. Jochen found us several on-line dictionaries and, in case you need them, please let me know.


Gotta Let Go

Remember Heavenletter #3348, God Makes Up a Jingle? Lance has entitled his song version of it Gotta Let Go.

Santhan and I both loved it!

Lance King wrote:

Gloria, here is the song (envision a long fade at the end ; )
Closest version to done thus far. The song will be released in
December on the Japanese version of my album
"A Moment in Chiros" as an "Exclusive bonus track."

I've been calling it a Song inspired by Heavenletters™. For my creative process, I have to create the music first, then I create the melody that fits the music in rhythm and pitch, then I write the lyrics to fit the vocal rhythm I hear in my head. I took the essence of what I received from your lyrical message, and I interpreted it in the limited space allowed. The intent and essence of God’s words are preserved forever in song in this piece "Gotta let go"
Phone 763-784-9654
SKYPE: king.lance (Biz) (Radio) (updates) (updates) (Videos)

Lance, thank you ever so much. You moved fast, and you have a great song here! We are thrilled. We’ll see what the future holds! I’m wondering what great things nature has in store for you next, Lance.

God bless you. With love, Gloria and Santhan

Yacu’s comics

Speaking about the blog, recently, I blogged about a Swedish detective book I read. Well, this comic by Yacu tells it all.

Based on blog entry

Photos on the Heavenletter Spiritual Community Forum.

Here’s Sacoyta, new to the Heavenletters Spiritual Community forum. Thank you for including your photo, Sacoyta.

Closing God Quote:

This is the New Year of God. Of course, I am the same as always, and yet this is the New Year of God. This is the year that My wishes are fulfilled. This is the year that I can sit back and leave the world to you, and I can say, “It is good.”

Heavenletter #3690 Happy New Year from God

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Map of Africa

Thanks for putting up the map of Africa.
It is so large of a continent that I had no idea how many countries it contains.
And most of them have a coast!
Have a wonderful New Year's workshop on the beach.

Thanks, Jacqueline.

Thanks, Jacqueline.

Thank you!

Some people read the papers first thing in the morning, I read Heaven Letters. I have re-posted many Heaven Letters at my Facebook profile. And I am not an "easy" audience. I have found the letters to be beautiful, poetic, colorful, but also, most importantly, steeped in the Truth of Divine Love, of which we all are the benefactors, and participators.

Thank you so much for these beautiful gifts to the world. I feel and know it is contributing greatly to increasing the vibrational energy.

With Great Love,

Wow, Andy! Thanks for

Wow, Andy! Thanks for introducing yourself, dear one. Would love to have a photo of you and post this on the Reader Comment page, also next Heaven News. Where do you live,and what would we include as your work title? Is this okay with you. You have a generous heart, Andy. Blessings, Gloria