Love Spilling Everywhere

God said:

The energies in life that seem to go into naught — yet naught cannot be for naught. There is something to wrest from all action and inaction. There is something in it for you. A message perhaps. An inkling of truth. A dot on the horizon that you can almost make out but not quite.

You sometimes feel that you have wasted your love in the wrong places. It is impossible for love to be wasted. Does that change your thinking any? Since when is love in your heart dependent upon what other hearts do? Never mind the love from others' hearts. We are talking about yours.

Feel Me rise in your heart right now. Feel Me stirring your heart. There is a rush of love in your heart, and I mean for you to find it. That is the love you need awareness of. All the other love that comes to you from here and there is reminder of the treasure that dwells within you. Consider the love that other people have for you a ladle that stirs your own heart and lifts up the contents there so you have an awareness of what is contained within your own heart. Yes, your heart is a pump. You think it pumps blood. It pumps love. Love is what your heart is for.

Your heart is not scrawny. You have a well-developed heart. It may not have been exercised enough. It may have been reined back like a mighty steed eager for adventure, told to wait, to wait for certainty. But there is no certainty, as you mean it, is there?

Love requited or unrequited is not the question. Love given is the question. Love given for its own joy, not for an end in sight, not for reward, but love given because it is yours to give, and love given because it has its right to be given, and love given because it is there in your heart.

What do you think love is? It isn't something to be stored. You know what happens to things you keep around too long.

Spend your love now. More will come to fill your heart to overflowing. It is meant to overflow. It is not meant to be contained. Yet you have mistakenly thought it was. You thought your love was like good china, to be saved for special occasions.

When a pitcher is filled with cream, the pitcher in turn is meant to pour the cream into something else, a cup of coffee or a bowl of oatmeal. Pouring cream into something else isn't wasting the pitcher nor the cream. The cream in a pitcher has a destination beyond the pitcher. Love has a destination beyond the storage bin of your heart.

Love in your heart is meant for everywhere. There is no spurious destination when it comes to love. All are destined to have yours. The love in your heart is not yours to keep. Not at all. It is yours to dispatch to the winds. It must go out. Let the love in your heart be a dandelion puff that you blow everywhere, and you let it land where it lands.

Your heart is not for safekeeping. It is not for safe-giving. It is for giving. That is enough. The giving does not have to have a designated route.

But before love from the heart can be given, it has to be noted. So that is why I suggest that right now, right this moment, you feel your heart burgeoning with My love in it, My love pushing its way to the fore, My love spilling out from your heart, Our love going everywhere.

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The love in your heart...

This is such a beautiful heavenletter. I love all of them...but especially the ones that talk of Love. I love talking of love too. The only thing I love to do...more than talking of to Love. Just to love is the most significant thing that i can do on the planet today. What if I just won the Nobel Prize or even the Grand Prix? What if I were a leader of nations? What if I just discovered a cure for cancer? All of those things are good and well. But if I do not know that I am loved by God...if I do not even feel a trace of love...genuine love...within my self..., what do I really have? What do I really have...and who really am I? A single drop of Love is more potent than any accomplishment...any sense of importance...any bauble the ego may be after. Even if I have lived a life of struggle and will have all been worth it to experience a single moment of the truth of me...that I am a worthy, loving child of God. You are too! Loving and blessing you always, Jim.