Love Needs No Parameters

God said:

You need no proof of love. You may have spent your whole life looking for proof of love. Look not for proof, beloveds.

Love is not meant to be a test. It is not meant to be anything but what it is. Love itself is undying, but the undying love you seek is not found by looking for proof of it, or even by looking for it.

Better to look for love to give. Better to get your mind off your search for love. Be ready to love at every turn, and yet look not for return of love. It is enough to give it, beloveds.

It is a funny thing, but the more you hunt for love, the more it escapes you.

Love can only be a gift. It cannot be something you capture. If once captured, it cannot be held onto. Love must be set free to alight where it wills. You cannot commit another to love. A person may commit himself, and yet love flies free. Even when love seems to have flown, you can still send streams of love.

You do not need proof of love, and when you ask for it, even silently, you become like an octopus who would hold on no matter what. Do not hold on to love because love cannot be held. It can only be freed. It cannot be mandated.

No one is obliged to love you, and you are not obliged to be loved, nor have evidence of love given to you.

As soon as you start to try to prove love, it jumps away. That is because, in asking for proof of love, you put a stranglehold on love. Love, above all, must be free to leave as well as stay.

Who are you to know that love must stay? Who are you to know that love must look a certain way? You cannot command nor demand love. All you can do, beloveds, is give love away.

Never mind the love in another’s heart. Mind the love in your own.

You are not to grasp for love, nor grab it, nor hold it tightly. Be receptive to love, but not have to have it. The concept of having to have causes you trouble. It prevents the very love that you so crave.

Set yourself free today. You do not have to feel loved. Let My love be sufficient. Then you open all the airways for love to appear. The minute you don’t require love, you declare yourself open to love. Before that, you were open to possession of love. You were saying that love is fair game.

Truly, beloveds, there is no hunting season for love. Put those bows and arrows away.

Let your heart be struck with its own love and give it freely. As you give love freely, you will be better able to accept love freely. Bear in mind that you do not have to have love in the world. You are not dependent upon it. If you are dependent upon it, you become a slave to it, or a thief of it.

Let go of your need for love, and you open the door for it. Freedom is the core of love. No one has to love you. You do not have to be loved. That is freedom. That leaves you free to love without clauses that demarcate it. Love is too wonderful to be clawed at.

Just let love be. Let it be as it is.

I am not asking you to settle for little. I am asking you to be open to boundless love in the world. This is love greater than the little bits of love you have squeezed and insisted upon.

Free the bounds of love in your own heart. Untether love. Set love free.

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Today's Heavenletter, Love

Today's Heavenletter, Love Needs No Parameters, mirrors my beloved Philip's analogy for love that he calls "the handful of sand". If you hold sand in your hand, you comfortably have a handful of sand. If you close your fingers around the sand to make sure you keep it, the sand runs through your fingers. You now have an empty hand.

On the Wings of Love,

Toni Elizabeth Sar'h

Now THIS is an analogy!

Now THIS is an analogy! Perfect. This is so clear.

This here is a wonderful and

This here is a wonderful and most important Heavenletter I think. Much trouble is in the world and in all kinds of relationships because of false idea's about how and what love is.

Dearest Toni, very beautiful the analogy of the "handful of sand", it is indeed a very beautiful way of describing love.

Much Love to you dear and to all

3 Heavenletter Haikus for

3 Heavenletter Haikus for you

Hello Friends,

God said be ready
Love can only be a gift
Look for love to give

God said Beloveds
Freedom is the core of love
Truly love flies free

God said in the world
Be open to boundless love
Accept love freely

Love, Light and Aloha!