Live Life

God said:

Make more room in your life for life. Be open more to more life. Have you not been on occasion resistant to life? Even averse to it? Have you not sometimes sought an absence from it? Have you not sometimes told life to stay away from you and leave you alone? But do not mix up your life and your living it with what goes on around you.

Be open to life rather than closed.

Let happiness happen.

Let joy pour in.

Be a receptacle for life. Life does not intrude. Life blesses. You have an engagement with life. You and life are full partners.

Life is not meant to consume you. You are to consume it. It is yours for the asking. You are not at life's beck and call. Life is at yours. Life is your servant. You are not its.

You serve Me. Life is the venue.

You serve Me best by enjoying the life you presently have. The life you live in the world is yours for only a moment. You cannot save your life for another time or for something else. Like fresh food, it needs to be eaten soon. You cannot keep your life on a shelf forever. So take your life by the collar right now, and live it.

This is another way of saying to let go of the past. The past retards you.

The present exhilarates you.

Choose exhilaration. Choose movement.

Movement does not eliminate peace. You can move and have peace. Absence of movement in life has not heretofore brought you peace. It has brought you anxiety.

Certainly I do not mean for you to become frenzied. Activity and living life are not exactly the same. But sometimes you have waited for life to appear full-blown. You may have forgotten that you are more than a receiver of the vitality of life. You are a giver of it.

You are needed. Your life is needed. Your life makes a statement to the world that it needs to hear.

Enliven life.

Enliven your heart.

Lift it.

As goes your heart, so goes the world. The world goes up and down with your breathing. Breathe life into it.

Love this moment of being. Love being where you are right at this moment. Love being.

You are the only one in the world who is right where you are at this dot of time and space. Even if you are in a mob of people, you are the only one who is like you. Although We know that all are One, there is no one in this whole wide world who is you and who thinks and sees from the perspective you do. All are important, and all have value, but yours is a unique value; therefore, it is without compare.

A rose is a rose, yet each has its own way and its own sway.

You are not less than a rose.

You are a mighty Human being.

You convene the world.

You are always meeting with it. You are counsel to the world. It is always listening to you. You are the world's confidante. It confides in you.

The world wants to be saved. It wants to be a lovely apparition. It does not want you to be allergic to it. It wants you to wrest it from less than wondrousness. The world wants to be rescued.

By your thoughts today, you can swing the world around. You can keep it going forward. The world will emulate you.

Remove waste from your heart, and you remove waste from the world. By waste I mean what has been held there too long and does not uplift.

You are not meant to be held down by the world. You are meant to utilize your God-given life and uplift the world.