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A Little Piece of Heaven...

Hi Gloria et all!

Just a note to let you know that I have added more Heavens Letters to my 'Little Piece of Heaven',
and also some new links, one of which goes to The Cosmic HL Generator ~ which I think is fantastic! :)


Love Mary

Well, you amaze me,

Well, you amaze me, Maryjosephine!

Muchas gracias. Something wonderful is going to come from all this, I know!

'tis my joy and pleasure

'tis my joy and pleasure dearest Gloria!

...and Something Wonderful already IS!
For God ~ ie Love ~ ie Life ~ Is Wonderful!!!

Enjoying every single moment of this precious gift of Life,
immersed in Love, Joy, Creativity, and sharing,
is my idea of Heaven!

joyous sigh





Mary, you are SOOOOO

Mary, you are SOOOOO SWEEEEEET !!!!!!

Love :wub:

I am a reflection of you

I am a reflection of you sweet angel Berit, and of dear angel Gloria too,
and of all the other beautiful angel beings that come and go here ~
for WE ARE All ONE

"Your heart knows that I am the Speaker, 
and I am the One Who Hears."

(From one of the ten magnificent Heaven's Letters)


Love Mary